The Truth™

Intellectual Property

Don’t risk your personal and professional future. Ask anyone, Linux clearly violates Microsoft Intellectual Property. This has been proven in a court of law [1].

Sixty three [63] Microsoft software patents are stolen just to get Linux to boot up. And thousands more are infringed on by runlevel 5 [multi-user, networking, X11].

Are you sure you want that type of liability on your hands?

Linux users owe Microsoft 10s of Billions of dollars in damages to compensate for this infringement, and 10s of Billions of dollars more in reasonable royalties. Everything you do and create using Linux, Microsoft owns the rights to.

Everyone knows that without stolen Microsoft IP, Linux is nothing more than a bloated file manager.

Linux is Dirty

Linux is written and developed in antiquated C. The code-base is a perverse heap of undocumented spaghetti code that is impossible to work with.

GPL’d code is damaged code with serious issues that infects everything around it. It is a cancer that must be stopped.

Developers are migrating away from this sinking ship by the boat load every day of the work week.

Windows (in contrast to Linux) is written and developed with high quality Object Oriented C++, using best practices, with a .NET subsystem. The development tools such as Visual Studio are top notch, world class and mind boggling. And just like Bill Gates’ food, the source-code is only allowed to be touched by the hands of virgins.

Go to any company: if you have Windows programming experience, you have a job. If you have Linux programming experience, you have a welfare check.

Linux is a Toy

As it turns out, Linux is nothing more than a toy you tinker with [tinker: to do random, unplanned work or activities or spend time idly]. A toy with lead paint. And lead paint is a dangerous substance. It retards the healthy development of the body and mind. Lead causes nervous system damage, hearing loss, stunted growth, reduced IQ, and delayed development.

*It is universal knowledge that Windows is light years ahead of Linux.*

And this is exactly why the Linux user-base is responsible for 97% of ALL copyright infringements of Microsoft products. Because at the end of the day, *they all need something that actually works* and gets the job done.

Linux is a Restrictive EULA

With Linux you are required to submit to the restrictive GPL EULA (End User License Agreement).

The GPL EULA is composed of cancer-like terms and conditions. The source linking and deriving clauses are so convoluted that no one can understand them. This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that there are literally *hundreds* of different GPL-like licensing schemas and versions used by Linux. You never know which one will destroy you.

With Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL you are required by law to provide 1) the configuration of Apache, 2) the PHP source code for all websites, and 3) the full MySQL database to each site visitor. You must also make this data available on a CD/DVD and absorb all processing and shipping costs associated.

In strict contrast: Windows has no such problems. Your work is your own and does not revert to the public domain *on first contact with the public.*

Linux EULA-based code and technologies *can only be used internally* without having to “open-source” the entire operation.

Linux has Poor Hardware Support

Linux might support more hardware than Windows, but the hardware is only supported 5% of the way. Users would rather have fully working and supported devices under Windows over broken or non-existent drivers under Linux.

*It is also interesting to note that Linux works best on older hardware: P3, less than 1Ghz, less than 512MB RAM. Anything more and Linux becomes unstable.

Simply put, the Linux cannot handle the Gigahertz wave. The kernel has too many race conditions and process deadlocks.

And without stolen patented algorithms, it can only address the 1st 640 Kilobytes of the Gigabit.

Linux Will Not Scale with a Growing UserBase

Microsoft has over 1 billion installations. The userbase of Microsoft Windows [and related products] is very diverse, that spans the globe and every aspect of humanity. From languages, to cultures, to processes, to specific needs. From the individuals to large Corporations.

Software has to be designed, and supported, to cater to this massive, difficult and oftentimes conflicting userbase; from the start, to the end.

Microsoft has spent enormous resources to get this impossible job done.

And what has the Linux Platform been put through, relatively speaking? Absolutely nothing. The backward compatibility issues alone would break Linux in half, about a dozen times over. Increase it’s market share [currently at 0.8%], and it will be a bloated, unusable, virus infected, joke of an operating system.

Linux Does Not Scale in a Multi-User Environment

Ask anyone. Linux, in combination with expensive support contracts and huge, draining resources, might [and that is a *big* might] work with up to 30-70 systems on a network. But after that it breaks down, and it breaks down badly… Massive packet loss, data corruption, unresponsivness are all signs of an underlining Linux network.

And after 127 systems are connected to a Linux network, it becomes a black hole (we have strong evidence to back this up). It simply stops sending out packets no matter what you do.

The problem here is that Linux has not been able to reverse engineer and copy the internal NIC address map buffer beyond 7 bits.

You might also want to take into account that, Linus, born with only 7 fingers [marked by the beast], refuses to acknowledge numbers greater than 2^7.

*Any way you look at it, Linux will never be able to connect more than 127 systems to a network.

Linux Users are in a Cult

Most of the Linux user-base is comprised of young and impressionable individuals.

The likes of Li*us, R*S [masked for legal reasons] and other notable individuals have corrupted the youth to create a cult to serve their personal and political agendas.

By providing the bored and disenfranchised with the opportunity to group together to fight a common enemy [Microsoft], the inexperienced youth is psychologically manipulated into joining this neo-Marxist Linux hive communion. They are offered a sense of family and a purpose in life.

Then people just start to disapear.

The Linux community is not a user-base, but rather a pressure group of furor, zealotry and fanaticism. It is driven by fear, uncertainty and distrust. They have no middle ground. You are either with them, or against them.

*Linux is all about submission!*

Linux Users are Never Objective

Take note that while Linux users talk the talk, they never tend to walk the walk. “Taking one’s own medicine” is always expected to be done by someone else.

This has been demonstrated under the Dell IdeaStorm initiative, …

They harassed Dell into selling Linux systems, yet bought none. And since you cannot uninstall Ubuntu Linux from a system [the terms of the GPL/EULA are too ambiguous], Dell now has 100,000 boxes sitting in storage waiting to be shipped to a dump (they can’t even give them away to a poor country).

Linux Never Delivers

Since the foundation of Linux is all based on lies and manipulation, the Linux tends to never deliver on its promisies.

Linux Users are Dangerous

During the Linux initiation, new members ["noobs"] are forced to listen to the ramblings and incoherent speeches of other Linux Lifers until complete mental breakdown occurs, after which the programming can proceed. In this decrepit state, they are encouraged to eat their own feces while meditating on the sounds and sights of HANZEL UND GRETYL. You can see this every day on Linux sites around the net.

Some children have even hacked off both ears through self-mutilation after using Linux.

But it does not stop there…

After joining a Linux group such as Ubuntu Linux, new members are asked to upload their pictures [also known as "avatars"]. The members are then picked out for their male astectics/beauty and are requisitioned for “Linux Box” use. We will not go into the details, but it is sufficient to say that they end up taking care of the other members needs on certain IRC channels and cam sites. They are know in the Linux circles as the “tits”.

Rejection of god, and perpetual perversion ensures. This is the ultimate state of a Linux user. A psychological state lower than the EMO.

With Linux, the innocent are turned corrupt. Children go from playing ‘Magic: The Gathering’ to trading Nazi memorabilia on the back channels of

Linux Users are Relentless

Simply put, you cannot convince a Linux user that 2 + 2 equals 4, let alone that an Operating System is a tool and not a way of life.

Also take note that lonely 14 year olds living in their mom’s basement are not people you should spend time convincing of anything as they already know everything about life, the truth and computing.

Linux users got their heads so far up their Linuxes that is it impossible for them to stop re-compiling the kernel and listen to the real conversation!

It’s a Feature, Not a Bug

Get your facts straight!

Poorly thought out CSS implementations and loosely attributed rendering in Mozilla Firefox, both which allow for sloppy coding and practices, do not translate to as bugs of Internet Explore.

Learn the box model first, how CSS works, the backwards compatibility issues involved, then come talk to us.

See The Truth about Firefox for more information.

Family Values

What if you were hurt and scared and alone. What if you called 911 and no one answered? What if someone just raped you?

Welcome to the world of Linux. A world without compassion. A world under a dictatorship. A world where families are in crisis.

[A world where phone lines don't work.]

Microsoft is here to help you with a wide range of products for your home, your office, your living room.

American Values

As some of you might know, America is the greatest country that has ever existed, and will continue to dominate the rest of the world for the next 1000 years. And in this great country of ours Linux *is* illegal (this is an irresputable fact; never let anyone tell you differently).

On September 17, 1991 the lesser counties of this world came together and conspired to rob America of its wealth. Their plan was … Linux. The plan itself is very devious, and we will not go into the details of it, but as a warning let us say that if you conspire against us, you will be destroyed.

You will now bow before our might and tremble with fear.

Linux has no Value

With Linux you will know the price of everything, yet the value of nothing.

Total Cost of Ownership

Linux is only free if your time is worthless. *It is that simple.*

The Truth™ about Linux cannot be disputed.


Clarifications :

As some of you might know, this website was moved from a Windows 2008 Server with Hyper-V to a Linux host. This was done for testing reasons only. I wanted to be open to new ideas and be fair to everyone.

In this time period, it seems as if a hacker took advantage of the fact that we were now using Linux and was able to break in, and in the spirit of GNU/Linux, post hate speach messages and pornography. This person was even able to delete our ‘proof’ page.

*This is what you get with inherently insecure technologies like Linux.*

For the curious, the server was a default CentOS build. I even ran ‘yum update’ on it. Which is probably more than most Linux users are capable of doing.

If I can’t get an up-to-date Red Hat clone to be secure by default I don’t know what kind of a purpose Linux serves except to collect the retarded. No wonder this excuse of an OS can’t push through a single percentage point of market share.

[Note: you can contact me and read an explanation for this site on our Contacts page]

534 Responses to “The Truth™”

  1. cvpunk Says:

    ugh, I can only hope this is some kind of joke.
    Win”doh”s more stable than Linux?? I don’t even know where to start..
    let’s see… windows puts out vista and it lands with a thud… windows brings out home server and it doesn’t work properly and corrupts files…etc, etc. My Linux Mint… runs perfect on the first start up.
    gee… let me make the switch right now… lets see where did I leave that $200 dollars that I was going to throw in the fireplace?

  2. patty Says:

    If I want to use cool Aero effects (or whatever) in Vista, I would need an expensive video card. In Linux, compiz runs on embedded video. That’s right, Linux can do cool effects better than Vista. Hell, Vista without effects on takes 750MB ram. Ubuntu with effects turned on takes 350. See the difference there?

  3. SamW Says:

    cvpunk…really now, you couldn’t tell it was a joke?

  4. jhansonxi Says:

    You should include an analysis of the relative impacts of Linux, OS X, and Vista on global warming.

  5. cvpunk Says:

    SamW…this site is a joke? wow, I am so relieved. my whole world was crumbling around me thinking that people were actually going to believe all of this and switch over to Vista. Thanks for setting me straight.

  6. admin Says:

    No joke here. This is a real site dealing with real issues.

  7. NetWiz Says:

    This is a funny, funny article… Been into windows since dos 3.0

    Windows sux and Microsoft and the NSA spy on you.

    Linux is for REAL computing…Makes computing fun.

    No Spyware, No Rootkits, No BullSh*t!!!

    Have any of you Microsoft fan boys every used PCLINUX or Mandriva or hell

    Even Damn Small Linux???

    This is a corporately financed hit site…This is all microsoft can do spew propaganda…In lieu of ACTUALLY RIGHTING CODE THAT PEOPLE WANT.

    Microsoft… So 20th Century…Get with the program…the world is HEARTING LINUX!

  8. whysyn Says:

    ya… – DNS servers on (check domain reg). Such an anti-Linux site gets name hosting on an exclusively Linux provider?

    Clearly a very funny joke.

  9. fooishbar Says:

    Linux owns,

    it’s better than anything else.

  10. NoBullShit Says:

    Linux = Free Windows = $ Mac = ??
    I have no $$ I love Free
    Mac = ??
    OK have I made my Point Clear to you people or What!

  11. LOL! Says:

    How about:
    You provide some proof for what you are writing? You do know that half the stuff happening in windows is probably based on older Os’s, ie Unix. which are Os’s that do what you want them to do, (not you having to do what the os wants you to do like with that extended DOS). The “violations” you mention already existed in Unix – which came BEFORE windows.

    And btw, linux has nothing to do with a file manager, linux is a kernel. And if windows is written “using best practices” why is it so unstable? Why do most webservers (including yours) not run on windows? Your webpage is running on a webserver which supposedly violates various Microsoft IP.

    BTW, there are quite a lot of things in Windows vista (everyone that I know that has ever tried using it has complained how terrible it is, even “standard” people, ie non geeks, don’t like it – even a microsoft fanboy I know of doesn’t like it…) that are copied from linux related things, the one I first noticed was that the standard Vista save as dialog is almost identical to the gtk save as dialog, albeit without a quick directory selector.

    And then your drivel about firefox… While Firefox was away passing the Acid2 Test, various internet explorer versions vioalted the official web rndering guidelines. Only IE7, which is possibly the worst IE, passes Acid2.

  12. rrrrt Says:

    haha this website runs on linux

  13. chili555 Says:

    My experience, using Linux for seven years, does not agree with yours. Either this is a joke, or you are poorly informed and recite third-hand Microsoft talking points as the truth.

  14. painteru Says:

    P Address:
    IP Location: United States
    Website Status: active
    Server Type: Apache/2.0.52 (CentOS)

    So… this site is hosted on a server running a CentOS Linux :) )
    Poor guys ..they haven’t enough $$ for the “rock $olid” Windows server :) )

  15. spidy Says:


    You can only blabber in this site, nothing more.

    Go look into giant corporates who use Linux. Almost all fastest computers run *ix.

    Why do you think IBM, DELL, ASUS are supporting Linux?
    Go convince them that its “The Microsoft way”, they wouldn’t even give you a damn.

    You’ll be kicked out and thrown in some dustbin.

    Linux Fan boys are not all youngsters. Go meet some people first. Jump out of your small well, tadpole. Infact it seems that YOU are some MSfan boy kid.

  16. i don't understand humor Says:

    This is a totally serious website and I am scared.

  17. statan21 Says:

    this sure must be a joke,a corporate reaction of Micros*ft,a desperate attempt to prevent microsoft users to migrate towards opensource software.After the UE comission dropped the bomb that it doesen’t want microsoft products in the UE,your idol got alarmed and started a propaganda to regain somehow the attention of the users.When you talk about comunists you should at first look at your idol =>Windows.It lies in every moment of it’s existance,eg. This could take a few minutes,and several hours later you end up with a nice blue screen that requires you to install windows again and again.If you really want to make a serios point of this site you should gather more information about linux and point out some positive aspects about it,and also you really should post some of the many negative aspects of windows,at your choice,then it will be a fair OS fight,not just a stupid propaganda.

  18. A Gusty Gibbon Says:

    ohhhhhhhhh yeeeaaah…. i found proof – lets see what the web thinks of ms shall we? click on the link ms fan boys (if you dare):

    “People who use Microsoft are ALL cocks”
    -Albert Einstein

  19. Someone else Says:

    “Linux Does Not Scale in a Multi-User Environment”

    Linux was designed for multi user use, unlike Windows which was initially designed for one person.

    “Linux Will Not Scale with a Growing UserBase”

    Scalability issues with Micosoft server software is one reason why MSN uses BSD, it is better at scalability and Microsoft have quoted that as a reason why it doesn’t use it’s own software for MSN.

  20. Mooooo Says:

    This web site runs on Linux (CentOS to be precise.)

  21. undaunted Says:

    This site must be a joke or trolling, although I’ve never before heard of a troll writing a web site. But I’ve never fed a troll before, so…

    It has so many blatant lies that anyone with a brain would know is wrong. Examples:

    “Linux is written and developed in antiquated C. The code-base is a twisted/tangled heap of spaghetti code that is impossible to work with.

    Windows, on the other hand, is written and developed with Object Oriented C++, using best practices, with a .NET subsystem.”

    This is a lie. Most of Windows is written in C which is just as old as Linux; the Windows API for the most part is C. And Windows, unlike Linux, does not change many of its bugs because of backwards compatibility.

    “Poorly thought out CSS implementations and loosely attributed rendering in Mozilla Firefox, both which allow for sloppy coding and practices, do not translate to as bugs of Internet Explore.”

    This is a complete lie. The Gecko engine, used in Firefox, is the best of all rendering engines. It supports standards far better than IE. And the places IE does not follow the standard (which are many) are obviously bugs.

    “It is also interesting to note that Linux works best on older hardware, P3, less than 1Ghz, less than 512MB RAM. Anything more and Linux becomes unstable.”

    The is a complete lie and is funny as well. Becomes unstable with more RAM and a faster processor? Funny. How could a faster processor and more RAM ever make a computer unstable? Did the author read what he typed? I have Fedora Core 6 installed on a 2.0 GHz Athlon X2 with 1 GB of RAM, a GeForce 6800GS video cards, etc. It works great. Unstable? Get a clue.

    And so on…

    I’ll admit Linux has a few problems (that keep me from using it), but it is better than Windows in many areas. What I can’t believe is that someone has so much time that they would want to waste it creating a site as absurd and moronic as this one.

  22. admin Says:

    To undaunted,

    Your opinion does not negate the facts. It is also interesting to note how you avoided commenting on the Intellectual Property issues. What are you scared of?

    Soon all your Linuxes will belong to Microsoft.

  23. Yonah Says:

    A Linux user lies as easy as they breath. That’s why choosing to use Linux isn’t just a choice for them, they really have no other alternative that would support their lifestyle.

  24. Anonymous Says:

  25. Anonymous Says:

    li.alt, p {color: white;}

  26. Ozzie Rayburn Says:

    The whole truth, and nothing but The Truth(tm).

    A sooo agree to all of this. A nearly got a whiplash for my agree-nodding trough this article. Windows saves your life, the job, the planet! My brand new shiny machine that (obviously) runs Vista is a dream to use, in fact I nearly have to _use_ it myself, the jobs kinda gets fixed all by it self. I downloaded a fixpeck.. or sixpack or someting… from the web, which totally rocks!! You install (and reboot), and when you hold down the two (must have) (super) windows-buttons on your keyboard, and chant soft-soft-soft (3times) into the microsoft… err… microphone, windows (vista) actually tells you to take a coffee break, or 4, while it does you work for the rest of the day. Its truly amazing!!

  27. kostel Says:

    I will not “risk my personal and professional future”… I dont want to do that anymore! I just started to wipe my hdd and remove linux… I want to install Vista…

    I love instability, i love been insecure, i love viruses… i just simply don’t need a toy anymore.

    Thank you kid, because you opened my eyes widely!
    Just for the record: can you tell me what is the color of BSOD in Windows Vista? (ohhhh… sorry… you dont know what BSOD is? well… ask a friend and then you can write a good article about the color of BSOD in Vista)

    Cheers kid!

  28. evilBrad Says:

    multi-core and multi-processor grid computing systems could never run efficiently under windows. parallelism could never be achieved, therefore we could never have number crunchers in the PETAFLOP range with windows servers. though windows servers do have their place in large businesses. the windows operating systems have absolutely no place in science, engineering or virtual reality.

    and what the hell is microsoft IP? i assume you are refering to TCP/IP which has nothing to do with microsoft. might as well say Cisco IOS is microsoft too…

    do us all a favor and get your shi* straight before you start assuming things that you have no idea about

  29. aliem Says:


    this wall of text is so funny :)

  30. Tiago Says:

    You got to be kidding me!
    This is the most stupid thing I ever read. Have fun with Vista! I keep my OSX…to hell with all the Microsoft licenses that they stole from other companies. Because that´s something that Microsoft does really well! STEALING!

  31. NoName Says:

    Windows mostly written in C a**hole!!!!. Have u seen WRK(Windows Research Kernel) before??? Most of it written on C.

  32. admin Says:


    I hope you realize that it is both illegal and immoral for you to have and look at this source code. There are people that would very much like to know how exactly you came across this Windows source code.

  33. Patrick Kilgore Says:

    For the ignorant: WRK is licensed by Microsoft to hundreds of comp-sci programs at universities across the world that use it as an example to teach their students about OS design. See the application here:

    This site certainly gave me the giggles though. Check out the xhtml source code for some more laughs. Top notch trolling.

  34. Rocks Says:

    See guys,

    The admin has no answer (actually does not want to answer) for why this site is hosted in Linux.
    He does not have an answer for other actual facts about Linux/Unix.
    I think this site is just for generating traffic or he might be in learning SEO kind of stuff.

  35. lol Says:

    it doesn’t matter if this site runs on linux, its probably way cheaper.. and insecure. he got his point trough do.

  36. microsoft Says:

    yeah this is pretty funny. i’m pretty sure this jackass is just trolling..

  37. Me Says:

    “The Linux simply cannot handle the Gigahertz wave.”

    And that is why it is used in 84% of the top supercomputers, and Windows only has a 1% share.

    Top 500 supercomputers, by OS used:

  38. jonny Says:

    I love windows because i like the way it restarts after every application install. And I must say this – “i’m crazy about BSOD, its so coooooool. ”

    Linux is crap anyway. And do you know Linus works for M$ at daytime secretly by forging his identity, and at night he uses code stolen from M$ to write linux.

    Haaahahahahah…… Thats Funny.

  39. ArcherB Says:

    Guys, this site is NOT a joke. Look at the home page. Allow me to quote:

    Hello, my name is Dill Nates and my Windows License Key is FCKGW-RHQQ2-YXRKT-8TG6W-2B7Q8*, this is my story. *Always protect your Windows License Key. Do not share it with anyone but Microsoft.


  40. fer Says:

    I have no fear in linux, in windows I am scared all the time.

  41. ROFL Says:

    Great stuff! Wow! I’m loving it! Thank you :=D

    Linux user and fan, Phuein.

  42. admin Says:

    “I have no fear in linux, in windows I am scared all the time.”

    Freedom is very scary. It’s like a giant ocean. The possibilities are endless. And Everything is new.

  43. Austin Says:

    Hard to tell if this site is serious or not. But whether or not it is, the fact remains that it raises a number of very important issues about Linux, and its suitability as a Windows replacement.

  44. jonny Says:

    “Freedom is very scary. It’s like a giant ocean. The possibilities are endless. And Everything is new.”

    Hey, what era are you living in? You are too scared to explore your options. You fear trying new things. Your brain is amputated by corporate world. You cannot think outside the box.

    And when you use linux, yes, its like a giant ocean, the possibilities are truly endless. But bounded by your imagination.

    How imaginative you are?

  45. ELdon Says:

    the bad thing is some people will really believe this S— !

    Windows is going broke and gate left the ship

    Linux rules!!!!

  46. MS-fan#1 Says:

    Not to mention the fact that linux ILLEGALLY runs windows programs. Wine? that’s just the microsoft source code in an application run illegally. The Russians slipped some code in there so they can spy on you. With Windows you can feel completely safe but with linux you are being spied on by Russians. Also Windows is an American product and Linux is from Europe. If you use linux you are a potential terrorist.

  47. Nelson Álvarez Says:

    You’re scared to death, Micro$oft guys, aren’t you? I’m SOOOO happy using Ubuntu and sharing it with my students at school. And they love it!

    Greetings from Chile

  48. CrazyMalfaqa Says:

    Would anyone like some punch and pie?

  49. cheezeburger Says:

    “The Linux community is not a user-base, but rather a pressure group of furor, zealotry and fanaticism. It is driven by fear, uncertainty and distrust. They have no middle ground. You are either with them, or against them. Linux is all about submission!”

    So, so true… just look at all the above responses for proof…

  50. Linux User #1 Says:

    ThIs sitE Is maKin mE ANGREEH!

  51. admin Says:

    Linux is the true way.

  52. Laughing Says:

    You M$ fan-boyz are really scared to death.
    Don’t view Linux as an attack on your beloved Windoz.
    Coexist in peace. Windows is so big that even as it continues to loose market to Apple and Linux it will still be there for you for years to come.

  53. fart Says:

    I can’t stop laughing after reading through this website. What is this? Another Micro$oft FUD Campaign? This guy ain’t being serious at all, I have to admit… But still LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

  54. Che Says:

    This is probably a great joke\experiment. If it was an antilinux propaganda there would be strictly moderated comments or no comments at all. What a joke, laughing my ass off, stable windows, And the mentions of CSS in Firefox fucking kill me, Jesus Christ, Internet Explorer is teh Goddamn Plague of stupidity. Try making a simple site. FIne in FF, Opera and Safari… Weird shit in IE.

  55. Linus Torvalds Says:

    Please see my name and email above.

    It was brought to my attention by a colleague that a site named was doing *everything* but promoting linux.

    I’m not going to make this a long post, so here it is:

    1. This site is not helping Linux adaptation in any way.

    2. The material on this site is offensive.

    3. I believe that some of the material on this site is in violation of several countries’ hate speech laws. You should be aware that I have notified 3 embassies [french, german, netherland] and they will pass it up the chain.

    4. Linux is a registered trademark and no one has permission to use it.

    Linus Torvalds

  56. Linux User #1 Says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA. You fucked up now! How does it feel? HOW DOES IT FEEL? You are fucked NOW!!! YOU feeL THat? THATS the feeling of LINUX going up your ass Windows FANBOY.

  57. admin Says:


    A. Start being a man, stop stealing Windows code, and take responsibilities for your actions.

    “1. This site is not helping Linux adaptation in any way.”

    B. This site promotes the death of Linux in a clear, factual, and purposeful manner. In a way, you can say that allows Linux to kill itself by an act of suicide. No other claims are made.

    “2. The material on this site is offensive.”

    C. 1) The internet is an offensive place. 2) We are not here to please everyone.

    “3. I believe that some of the material on this site is in violation of several countries’ hate speech laws. You should be aware that I have notified 3 embassies [french, german, netherland] and they will pass it up the chain.”

    D. America is not going to export me for prosecution. I’m too valuable.

    “4. Linux is a registered trademark and no one has permission to use it.”

    E. Go code a device driver. Linux has been missing those since 1998.

  58. Patty Says:

    How dare you?!

    How dare you speak to Linus in that manner! Your mother should wash your mouth out with soap.

    You are speaking to a haloed name.

    Grow up little boy.

  59. apogee Says:

    So “Microsoft software patents are stolen just to get Linux to boot up.” this is truth just in US we can go ahead in UE and Brazil :D

    this is Microsoft problem, Linux rocks and this is what really matter!

  60. admin Says:


    I understand what you are saying but you have to take into consideration that the truth does not exist anywhere but in our heads. The truth is basically anything that is accepted. And when America, the greatest, biggest, most powerful and benevolent country on the face of the earth says that Linux is stealing Microsoft IP, then this is so an has to be accepted as fact by the lesser countries.

  61. Thomas Chopard Says:


    by ‘lesser’ countries I don’t think you’ve watched the news lately. American dollar is worthless, so is our economy. Asia and Europe are definitely more powerful than the US.

    Stop being a hypocrite. The only reason your website is up right now is because it’s running a STABLE operating system. By the way, did you ever get past that 1+ Ghz problem, or is your server’s processor under that???


    -Thomas Chopard

  62. admin Says:


    You might not be aware of this since you probably get your information from liberal news shows, but not so long ago America courageously prevented Saddam Hussein from wiping out Europe with germ warfare. If it was not for America, 99% of EU would be dead and the other 1% would be living underground or in caves as cannibals.

    And don’t even get me started on how America stopped the Nazi death machine when every other country caved in.

    If it was not for America the rest of the world would be either dead or slaves working in mines.

  63. Thomas Chopard Says:

    Admin, Why do you refuse to answer every question about the server your run this website with? I quote myself for you.

    Stop being a hypocrite. The only reason your website is up right now is because it’s running a STABLE operating system. By the way, did you ever get past that 1+ Ghz problem, or is your server’s processor under that???

    And one last question, how old are you? Seriously I would love to know.



  64. Anonymous Says:

    @21 Originally written with C yes, and If I remember my history correctly…

    the initial Windows 3 “protected mode” happened due to playing with
    the loader and management for a system debugger…

    additionally at that time they were using *pascal* stack convention,
    just be careful with mixing code and make sure you get everything
    right… oh… very true… Windows includes “memory protection”
    and other “features” so the code CAN be written sloppy…

    hrmm I should remember all that more often… but I am slow enough
    coding on the platform in C# as it is …

    Thanks for the Troll-site,
    oh yes…

    Point-of-fact… you can “take down” any Microsoft Windows OS simply
    by knowing the NetBIOS name and setting a priority for DomainBrowser
    any “non-Windows” will immediately “shutdown” the domain whether
    “permitted” or not simply due to the protocol conflict…

    only thing I know being “more chatty” on a network is AppleTalk,
    but I readily admit not knowing ALL the facts there,
    just the knowledge of an “end user” …

    as for the claims of Windows vs Linux…
    I *had* an older Motorola M88K Tape set of AT&T System VII
    copy of original unix that predated Microsoft Windows 3.11 so,
    I view most “patent talk” as FUD-war …

    Truly I wonder how long Windows would last in a patent spat where
    “prior art” evidence was shown in-court?

    I think anyone going head to head in a patent fight is going to end
    up losing because of the cost and money involved,
    not the principle of the case or the merits of the evidence,

    Microsoft is now the 8000 pound Gorilla company and doesnt see it,
    IBM was but IBM has changed,
    Microsoft *needs* to change,

    Creative licensing isnt going to help when the licenses become
    in effect the language of a lawyer…

    Who is going to bother with a lawyer if they cant “just use it”?

    How many people truly bother reading the manual BEFORE playing
    with a new toy?

  65. The Darkest Kitty Says:

    I’m not sure what’s better, the site or the comments! I laughed so hard I almost coughed up a lung. Thank you soo much!!!

  66. jamoooo Says:

    “What if someone just raped you?”

    I read this at work and burst out at that line

  67. Anonymous Says:

    “You might not be aware of this since you probably get your information from liberal news shows, but not so long ago America courageously prevented Saddam Hussein from wiping out Europe with germ warfare. If it was not for America, 99% of EU would be dead and the other 1% would be living underground or in caves as cannibals.”

    America courageously prevented Saddam Hussein from wiping out Europe? Hmmm….No. Just No. This should read: America are killing their youth through a subversive war for oil in a shoddy effort to stabilise their economy. When was the last time the US were in a sham of a war? oh thats right…. VIETNAM kid. Did you win that? did you? No! you got your asses handed to you.

    “And don’t even get me started on how America stopped the Nazi death machine when every other country caved in.”

    Yes. Thats the most historically accurate summing up of world war 2. EVER!

    “If it was not for America the rest of the world would be either dead or slaves working in mines.”

    If it was not for america, no-one in the rest of the world would either be dead or slaves working in mines.

    You mal-aligned strange little boy.

  68. admin Says:

    If anything, this site proves that Linux is not an OS, it is a cult. Just read the comments!

  69. To admin Says:

    Someone watches Fox news…

  70. root Says:

    get a job..

  71. lol and Says:

    Just reading some of the comments on here and for those of you who can’t see that this is a parody, you shouldn’t be around computers, they are just too complicated for you.

  72. show_proof Says:

    where is the proof? gives a 404!!!!

    LOL.. there is NO PROOF!!!!!!!

  73. show_proof Says:

    even gives a 404 (the actual link used up there)

  74. admin Says:

    Linux suffers from atleast an order of magnitude of more viruses than windows. If you are using Linux, then you are a potential danger to American computer networks.

  75. admin Says:

    Use Windows. It’s an American product. Anything else is stupid crap.

  76. admin Says:

    Microsoft refused to pay me for my shilling service.
    Now I’m gonna tell all these people the true truth:

    I have been shilling for Microsoft for about a week in various public forums. Now Ballmer refuses to pay me! The truth is that I’ve never used Linux.

  77. admin Says:


    Microsoft has remotely disabled my computer. I’m forced to post this from my old dusty PC.

    Oh wait!
    There’s someone knocking my door. I’m sure it’s killers hired by Ballmer. I gotta run away from my house through back-door.

  78. admin Says:

    My friend has just told me:

    The president has made a secret deal with Osama Laden with the following terms:

    1. Laden attacks America on 11 September 2008.
    2. Laden announces on 12 September that he is in China.
    3. Laden gets new ammunition from President.

    Now the president is busy pre-planning an attack on China.

  79. admin Says:

    As some of you might know, this website was moved from a Windows 2008 Server with Hyper-V to a Linux host. This was done for testing reasons only. I wanted to be open to new ideas and be fair to everyone.

    In this time period, it seems as if a hacker took advantage of the fact that we were now using Linux and was able to break in and use my account to post the above 5 messages.

    This is a Typical Linux User.

  80. admin Says:

    just kidding, i love linux

  81. admin Says:

    I guess we’ll just have to put up with the above hacker until I move back to a Windows host. This is what you get with inherently insecure technologies like Linux.

  82. admin hacker Says:

    That is the funnest blog I have ever read. I do like windows xp vista is crap and I also love linux and osx is kinda cool but for a freebsd system I think it should be free also. also tits should be free and not covered.

  83. admin Says:

    You do not want to be a Linux ‘tit, it is the lowest form of existence.

  84. PA-VET Says:

    Microsoft as a fact, has violated so many U.S. Anti trust laws that in “settlements” with the U.S. Federal governments, MICROSOFT IS UNDER SUPERVISION OF THE U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (or is it the other way around?). “Windows” (the graphic user interface for DOS) was ripped from Apple when Bill Gates did work for them “patching holes” (as seen in the movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley”).Every one of our Windows XP and yes, Vista (a name Microsoft ripped off from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (medical files operating system V.I.S.T.A.), and never paid for,has a media player that allows every one of us to rip, and burn, illegal copies of music CD’s.
    What it comes down to is: 1. How deliberate and blatent is the offense; 2. How much money do you make from the offense; 3. Who’s work is being ripped off; 4. How many free operating systems you “Donate ” to the governments arround the world, and 5.Not having all your campaign contributions disclosed.
    There is a reason I can’t go into a major department store and buy a HP or Lexmark printer with a debian based driver that will automatically install with the Ubuntu,SUSE,CNR,or any package installer, and has nothing to do with who’s operating system is best.
    If Microsoft thinks America and the whole world owe them money, then let the law suits fly. Microsoft can certanly afford the lawyers. Microsoft doesn’t want to open that can of worms. Oh, and by the way, Ubuntu smokes Vista (if your Vista ever finishes booting up).
    Signed: A Veteran from Pennsylvania (who Beta tested Vista free of charge for Microsoft and told them not to release RC1 seperate from a brand new gamming computer-and not to bother with the 32 bit version at all-way before they released Vista to the public).

  85. George Says:

    ” … In this time period, it seems as if a hacker took advantage of the fact that we were now using Linux and was able to brake in and use my account … ”

    ANY attempt by the owner to blame the “cracking” of this site on the OS is not based on ANY fact. The blame for the cracking can only be put at the feet of the one who calls him/her-self “admin”. And their utter and complete incompetence and lack of any “admin” skills and/or abilities.

    The reason this site was cracked is because he/she is not only a complete and total dweeb. But … 1)Because he/she is unable to preform even the simplest of an admins tasks. 2)Because he/she knows so little about being an admin or the steps necessary to secure a server. 3)Because he/she didn’t even take the necessary precaution of doing a port scan to see if/what ports were open and vulnerable. And then closing them. 4) Because running any patches to preemptively close any potential holes in the security of the server, is/was a task well beyond what he/she is capable of.

    In short, this site was cracked because he/she is a complete, total, and utterly clueless shit-for-brains. Period. Plain and simple. And should not be allowed to play with any kind of sharp object because they will hurt their-self. Let alone try and pass them-self off as knowing shit about computers, computer Os’s, or computer security.


    An old gray-bearded, long haired, pre-Microsoft computer veteran.

  86. George Says:

    Oh, in case anyone might think that I was insulting/questioning the intelligence of the owner of this web site, let be be very clear on that subject.

    His/her shoe size is expotentionaly greater then their I.Q.

    I hope that this clears up any questions that may have come up as to my opinion on this matter.

    Thank you,


  87. admin Says:

    Those as some harsh words you have there.

    The server was a default CentOS build.

    I even ran ‘yum update’ on it. Which is probably more than most Linux Nerdheads and ‘tits are capable of doing.

    If I can’t get an up-to-date Red Hat clone to be secure by default I don’t know WTF kind of a purpose Linux serves except to collect the retarded.

    No wonder this shit of an OS can’t push through a single percentage point of market share.

  88. admin Says:

    If you want to talk about something being insecure lets talk about Bind. Just today I was reading the news how the latest exploit lets motherfuckers like the above take COMPLETE control of the DNS system and then the webpages.

    And don’t even get me started on Sendmail. You can take down Linux Servers by, GET THIS, sending them a frickin EMAIL?! Or how about the 30 year old BSD bug that just got fixed last month. Keep your Linuxes! We don’t want them.

    This never happens with Microsoft *solutions* because there is an actual company that you are dealing with. And not a bunch of wannabe hackers looking out their mom’s basements daydreaming about anime porn and galactic conquest.

  89. admin Says:

    “There is a reason I can’t go into a major department store and buy a HP or Lexmark printer with a debian based driver that will automatically install with the Ubuntu,SUSE,CNR,or any package installer, and has nothing to do with who’s operating system is best.”

    You think that people want “free”. That’s the problem here. People want a solution, not a headache. I’ve worked with Linux. And look what happened! I’ll gladly pay for a printer using Windows technology over some brick with open source GPL drivers. That’s Linuxes biggest issue, that without a corporate structure and a for-profit business plan no progress will be made.

  90. dante Says:

    Just the line about GOD pretty much dives this lunacy.

  91. admin Says:

    Listen everyone; I know that Microsoft has had a few problems. I’m not denying this fact. But you have to take into consideration that Microsoft is dealing with a billion+ users. This is a scale that is beyond insanity. There are fools out there supporting their Linux apps that have 10 users thinking that they can do better than Microsoft. They have no clue. A few eggs have to be cracked to make an omelet. This is how progress is made. Linux is like a burp compared to Windows. it would take Linux 20+ more years to do what Microsoft was doing 10 years ago. It’s both a structural and technological problem.

  92. The Alchemyst Says:

    You’re pointing your speech in the legal issues the Linux Kernel carry inside (like you say), but, i wonder, like very much people wonders too (like i guess) Why are you hosting this site in a LINUX CENTOS SERVER? Why, if your Windows are too stable and good, aren’t you hosting that site in a Windows 2003 server, as example? Almost all servers runs *nix Systems, and the price is not the only reason, the stability and robustness is clear. Please, do more productive stuffs than show things like that.

  93. admin Says:

    Linux hacker is trying to discredit this site by posting pornography. It will not work.

  94. George Says:

    I had written a big old long reply. But decided that it would do no good. So instead you get this.

    All you have here is fear, hate and lies. Lots of accusations, but no proof, no facts, nothing. You say, … “And we have evidence …”, but offer none. You state, … “This has been proven in a court of law …”, but offer no cases or judgments in support. You more or less quote … “Sixty three [63] Microsoft software patents are stolen ..”, but like Steve you offer nothing as proof. And then you offend us with … “the noobs are forced to eat their own feces…”, all of it is nothing but fear, hate and lies.

    But what is worse then the fear, hate and lies is this … “Rejection of god, and perpetual perversion ensures. This is the ultimate state of a Linux user.” You have the balls to use GOD as a shield from which you stand behind hand spew crap like this.

    There is a special place in your Hell reserved for you. I hope that you enjoy yourself there.

    Now just take your fear, your hate and your lies someplace else. Just go the fuck away!


  95. Anish Nambiar Says:

    Ha Ha Ha…talk about stability and Microsoft…yea that is micro..soft! Your codebase can never EVER be as strong and reliable as Linux/Unix. There is an HP-UX server in my enterprise which has NOT been restarted for 35 years….and blingdows cant survive 35 days! You have the audacity to come up with a site which a unix lover would want to check and then realization dawns that you an MS FANBOY will and can NEVER even understand how reliable unix is! Here is one more news….all critical and generic projects in MICROSHAFT is stored on SOLARIS boxes! LOL. Think this site might also be on apache…otherwise reliability gets tossed out the window!

  96. thijs Says:

    Nice work of trolling sportmanship, congratz,
    I only believed it until the inaccuracy really went beyond the realm of fanboyism into the world of sci-fi.
    If only you had picked your hosting provider more carefully and it would’ve looked like you were really that mis-informed. Too bad, otherwise very nice trolling stunt, hope it gives you some giggles, you closet linux fanboy!

  97. Rick Says:

    Firefox has CSS rendering issues WTF!?!?!?!?

    Open Source browsers (including Firefox) have always taken the lead in using web standards. Microsoft IE is only following their steps.

  98. Gio Says:

    LOL !

    Oh wait, I hope nobody at Microsoft used that expression before, or I may be violating their Intellectual Property.

  99. onde Says:

    This is hilarious! Had to laugh out so loud.

    Anyone taking this seriously can’t be sane.

    “Web Design by MoM [Master of Microsoft]“…great stuff :)

  100. admin Says:


  101. Vladimir Says:

    Hahaha, nice one :D

    nice jokes all around here.

    My farts are tastier than sites like this.

  102. admin-fake Says:

    My Linux friend is saying that he can create new functionalities in his OS by combining simple commands like ls, cat, xargs, cp, echo using pipes and redirections. But whenever i want some new functionality, i just can’t add it unless microsoft releases a new software. Looks like I’m a fool.

    He is saying that he can backup a whole hard-drive by using a single pre-existing command like “cp /dev/sda1 partition-image”. I need additional software like Hard-Drive Backup or Microsoft Data Backup Manager. Looks like I’m a fool.

    He is saying that he can create an ISO image out of a CD-disk by using the command like “cp /dev/cdrom image.iso”. I need additional software like Nero CD Burner to do this. Looks like I’m a fool.

    But no.. I’m not a fool. I’m just a guy, like billions of others, who isn’t free from the Microsoft Ecosystem yet. I’m just a guy, like billions of others, who still have no clue about what can be done with a computer. I’m just a guy, like billions of others, who is forced to buy a new version of windows for new features even when my friend is adding new functionality by simply writing simple one-lined scripts. I’m just a guy, like billions of others, who hasn’t come out of the Microsoft promoted myth of “Linux is hard”. I’m just a guy, like billions of others, who is totally blind to all the illegal stuff Microsoft does. I’m just a guy who isn’t introduced yet to the level of control that non-microsoft software offers to users.

  103. admin-fake Says:

    OMG!!! Linux hacker is leaking out many well-guarded truths about Microsoft.

    I still can’t understand how he is able to access this site properly. I have used Microsoft Frontpage so that the website violates all known RFCs and violates HTML standards in every conceivable way.

  104. EffJay Says:

    Wow. Just reading through the comments here. Parts of that cross section I didn’t think existed. I guess every point of view has their share of “stupid extremist.”
    I’d like to think that the person claiming to be Linux Torvalds isn’t, as I’d like to think he wouldn’t do something so stupid as responding on a comments board, but certain decisions of his (running for governor of California, preferring KDE over Gnome, etc) lead me to believe he could be.
    Given the content of this page, I can’t think of it as anything except a self-parodying satire.

    That doesn’t mean I know what its purpose is.

  105. admin-fake Says:

    WOW! I’ve got a brilliant idea. I’ll recommend to Ballmer that Microsoft should create a new transport layer protocol MSTCP, or better still MSIP, or even better – MSEthernet so that no non-microsoft person can connect to the site, let alone render the web-page. This is very easy now as Ballmer bought ISO a few months back.

    My Linux friend informs me that TCP, IP and Ethernet were standardized long before Microsoft was born. So there’s no way Microsoft can play politics there. Shit!! I’ve come close to inventing a brilliant idea for Microsoft. What a pity it is that I’ve missed it!!!

  106. admin-fake Says:

    It’s costing me lots of money and time to do all this shill stuff. I’m going to take a long vacation to Redmond. I need to consult new Psychologists to invent to new ideas about shilling.

  107. admin-fake Says:


    The Linux server is intelligently labeling me as “admin-fake” even if I post as “admin”. You can try it too.

  108. Ballmer Says:

    WTF is happening here!!!???

    Looks like the idea of introducing new ISO networking standards – MSTCP, MSIP, MSEthernet is the best option I’ve got. Otherwise, all of Microsoft’s secret business strategies are going to be leaked.

    With best wishes,
    Steve Ballmer.

  109. Ballmer Says:

    We’ve already introduced Microsoft Silverlight which is a “cross-platform” and “cross-browser” web platform which is 100% compatible with only Windows and IE.

    We can introduce (read innovate) Microsoft-specific extensions into silverlight so that, in future, we have total confidence that other browsers are unusable with these websites. And we can code IE so that if IE is running on MS Windows, allow user to post and if it’s running on another implementation of windows (like WINE), don’t allow user to post. Then we can start spreading propaganda that Windows enables people to do things that are not allowed by other OSs. This seems like a nice strategy.

    What is your opinion, Mr. admin?

    With best wishes,
    Steve Ballmer.

  110. admin-fake2 Says:

    Wow. Great Site!!! I like the background image. Similar to a COA. Awesome.

  111. The truth Says:

    I thought you would tell the truth, you, you, Bush!

    Even the last line on this page is a lie!

  112. Ballmer Says:


    Something really bad is happening back at Redmond.
    Untill yesterday, Hardware manufacturers rallied behind Microsoft. We kept the game running by giving Hardware Compatibility Certificates and OEM Discounts to ‘those Hardware Manufacturers who provide drivers for Windows but maintain highest level of secrecy about how to program their hardware’.

    This raised the adoption of that hardware in the market. And consequently, this created a feeling among users of other OSs that the failure of their OSs to work with the hardware was the fault of their OS and not of the hardware vendor. This, in turn, further increased Microsoft’s market share. This increase, in turn, made Windows-compatibility more important than releasing hardware programming documentation. This, in turn, increased the difficulties of other OSs. It’s a cycle, you see. It’s the same trick that has been consistently used by Microsoft to create problems for other players in the market.

    I don’t know whether this is anti-competitive. (We have lots of money. So we can use it to delay the courts’ judgements about our anti-competitiveness for as long as possible). Anti-competitive or not, we created a healthy business model for both ourselves and the hardware manufacturers who backed us.

    But now it seems that the facts are rapidly leaking. The awareness about the importance of open exhaustive documentation is rapidly increasing.

    These are bad days for Microsoft, I have to agree. It’s disappointing to see our old useful strategy losing its power. But there are some positive hopes for Microsoft too. Some people who call themselves as “open source evangelists” are fighting for “open source” instead of open formats, open programming documentation for hardware, open protocols, open interfaces, open specifications and open standards.

    The people of the so-called “open source movement” are helping Microsoft, unwittingly of course, by diverting everyone’s attention from issues that are more important. Thank you open source.

    With best wishes,
    Steve Ballmer.

    Bhanu Kiran (aka BhaKi) is my true name. Ballmer and admin, remember my name. A person like me, who stands for truth, have no reason to be anonymous. Remember my name, for this will be one of the names that will end Microsoft and bring the pace of competetiveness back to the World.

  113. Max Says:

    I agree with you! Antiquated C should not be used for operating systems anymore. Luckily, MS windows doesn’t use it for it’s kernel. Oh, wait…

  114. Max Says:

    Anyone who says that C should not be used for operating systems is surely never involved in the technical side of operating system development and never got enough level of computer science education to realize that languages that are higher-level than C hide several things behind the back of the programmer. Yes, such abstraction is very helpful. But not for OS development. The lowest level of programming must not use more abstraction than what is appropriate.

  115. Max Says:

    All serious operating systems are written in a mixture of Assembly language, C and C++.

    Linux – Assembly + C
    FreeBSD – Assembly + C
    Windows – We can never know, but Assembly and C must be present

    Ask any good computer science graduate and he’ll explain you why assembly and C are must needed in OS development.

  116. Max Says:

    The author of this website is too totally a troll to know anything about OS development or the difference between OS development and application development. I won’t be surprised if he writes in his next blog that Windows Vista has been written in HTML. Sigh!!

  117. Dear John Says:

    This is the best Linux truth site ever! I’m never going to use that bloated POS that linux is, no matter what my ex-friends say! Thank you for letting me see the light.

  118. anon Says:

    *sigh* is it an advertisement website or something? I highly doubt it if an actual human being who has even little amount of brain ( 5 grams? ) would say all this. Or it might be a joke! Or otherwise, these nonsense words were just generated with a word generator!

  119. this site stinks Says:

    This site is a SPAM!!! Thats right admin, READ IT LIVE BY IT!!! A SPAM!!
    You know that Windows has more viruses NOW than Linux will have OVERALL in 15 years. So just stick a sock in your ugly face and SHUT UP.
    I will see to it that the folks on Ubuntu, and even the Fedora forums see this, laugh at you and, if possible, figure out a way to take this site off the net. Bye, spammer , a.k.a. admin.

  120. Dear John Says:

    I’m so enlightened by this site that I’m able to see light even when the site provides no verifiable evidence for ANY of its claims. I’m too stupid to realize that this site is just shilling for Microsoft.

  121. Wow Says:

    Please tell me this is sarcasm. Please.

  122. Wow Says:

    Oh phew, it must be sarcasm. The “Proof” page is a 404. No I don’t really believe that story, because there would have to be a copy of the “proof” *somewhere*.

  123. studentz Says:

    Different of business, science is not based on hate. This website probe one more time that the only driven force of MS and their fans is money. With Linux a lot of companies make money but their retribution to the community and science is enormous. (You can be successful without being evil). By the way, do you want to be trained in CentOS (GNU/Linux OS)?

  124. I use XP for games ONLY Says:

    This site is pathetic. “some hacker stole our proof page” Dig up the information again you lazy little shit.

    The only reason Wind*ws has any chance of being in my home network of computers is because of World of Warcraft and some future Direct X 10 games. That is the ONLY reason I would consider using wind*ws. Since I’ve started using Ubuntu, my health is better just from the lack of computer related stress.

    If you MS fan boys think Linux is just for kids or to play with that fine. Sit back and watch as linux take a larger and larger share of the market.

    You give a good rant though. I haven’t heard whining like that since I told my 5 year old he couldn’t have Ice cream. No worries. I would complain too if I realized the OS that I’ve invested so much money in is being broad sided by a free os. That is rather sad. I feel for ya. oh. yep. I’m over it.

  125. Ballmer Says:

    My office room has run out of chairs. I need a fresh stock of chairs. Can someone recommend a good chair-vendor near Redmond? Windows-compatibility is a must for the chair.

    With best wishes,
    Steve Ballmer.

  126. Oh. My. God. Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me with this site. Your ignorance, arrogance and unsustained claims make me feel sick.

    “We are an objective & independent 3rd party.” – Yeah right!

  127. Praval Singh Says:

    “Go to any company: if you have Windows programming experience, you have a job.”

    WTF! Come to me with a good programming experience on Linux related Open Source technology, I’ll get you a job too! :p

    Come to me with a .NET certification, I’ll put 100 more people before you who’ll show-cast them to be better than you, tempting me to throw you out of the room! Huh! Idiotic post, I would say.

  128. Colin Hammer Says:

    With such a convincing mix of journalistic incompetence and blatant misrepresentations of the facts, the article looks like a job application for a position at Fox News.

  129. The truth is out there Says:

    The writer of this article either a comical genius or a drooling retard.

  130. Rajesh Says:

    Don’t you have money to host this site on Windows platform? You loose credibility when you have this anti linux blog on linux platform.

    But don’t ever dream that microsoft will give you a job or Gates will donate his funds to you, for this….

  131. someone//- Says:


    U got a job at Microsoft(r) …….

    As a garbage collector!!!
    or As a joker!!!

    ur choice sir a.k.a admin!!

    Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

  132. someone//- Says:

    I not intend to hurt your feeling “ADMIN”, but if have little bit of self respect then please shutdown this site!!

  133. binoy Says:

    you are either too smart or you need to see a Psychiatrist

    Linux Users are Dangerous
    “The innocent are turned corrupt. Children go from playing ‘Magic: The Gathering’ to trading Nazi memorabilia on the back channels of”
    “You see, the lesser counties of this world have conspired to rob America of its wealth. Their plan is : Linux”


    If you are just fooling around, please donate your domain to someone, who can put it to better use.

  134. admin-fake Says:

    uhhh, sorry I haven’t been around for a while I lost all my files on Vista…I suspect this has to do with linux fan boys sending me viruses…

  135. LennyMcKracken Says:

    This website made my day, I needed something to give me a good laugh. Haha!

  136. Steve Says:

    Hahahah.. I’ve had to restore vista from a crash on my brand new laptop *twice* now in the last six months… It dual boots linux and the linux system hasn’t even crashed once (and I use it far more than vista). Exact same hardware, vista was preloaded by Sony, I loaded Ubuntu. Seems obvious that vista is garbage. AND, I can’t even back load XP on it because the laptop doesn’t support XP (because MS won’t allow them too).

    Windows is good for what it is.. A single user operating system with limited multiprocessing ability. Much of what windows is MS stole from zerox, IBM, and others if you want to play that game.

    It’s main advantage is that game programmers put games on it because it’s already on 80% of the worlds desktops (thanks to very clear antitrust vilolations and monopolistic behavior – but I guess that’s just business right ?)

    I’ll be impressed the day more than a handful of super computers run windows, rather than linux/unix (as they do now).. Just google “super computers run linux” and see what I mean vs “supercomputers run windows”…

  137. J.L. Adam Says:

    What kind on grass do you smoke? Please, share… Have you ever work (read work,not test) with Linux, Windows or Mac???? If you’re looking for an easy System to chat, play or surf on the web, install XP or use MAC… If you want and Enterprise Server top run MS Access or SQL servers and you are not too clever, Windows 2003 server is an option. But, PLEASE, be seriuos and professional: If you need all power and control, AND (&&) you know how to do it, you just use Linux…. It’s not the question wich Op. System is better, but how good are you!

  138. Steve Says:

    Best. Troll. EVER!

    I am a little bit ashamed of the Linux supporters who didn’t catch the joke, come on guys it was almost believable for a bit but illegal in the US? The irony is that the best argument on this page is Linux users are zealots because of the comments. That being said many people did pick up on the joke and comment as such.

    I do wonder if the admin will maintain the joke for much longer or eventually come out of character and tell us about what motivated him to make the website as well as a few other things I’d like to ask.

  139. WHATEVER Says:

    The problem with this dude is his ego. He probably had an entry level IT position in some bullshit job. Tried Linux for the first time and couldnt get his little brain around it. probably hosed his company’s server in the process and got his little punk ass fired. So now his unemployed ass is on a anti-Linux trip. But his ego wont leave it alone. He still HAS to use the unsecure and evil centos to run his server. Microsoft windows IS GOING DOWN. it is not a matter of how. it is WHEN. Stop giving this pussy an excuse to talk more shit. He is unemployed and soon cant afford to run this server. if you have ran any linux distro to any capacity, then u know better. leave this pussy to his anime jerk off.

  140. Richee Says:

    Funny thing is, actually tells me more about the OS technical stuff more than this fancy website do.

  141. admin-fake Says:

    I just realized that America isn’t a country, Linux is better than windows and I’ve been acting like a complete asshole. I’m going home to my boyfriend, Bill Gates, to get pounded in the ass. :D

  142. admin-fake Says:

    Please somebody teach me linux!

  143. Kwite Gone Jim Says:

    I wrote this “truthy” article, and I had my thumb up my ass the hole time I was doing it. YeeHaw!

  144. It's funny but... Says:

    The problem with this site is pretty obvious from the comments.

    If you read it carefully, it is clear that the author had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek.

    But a lot of people seem unable to see that. I can see this site being linked in discussions as “proof” that Linux is inferior to Windows. Now, that might be good for a laugh, but at the same time it will also convince some people.

    Maybe we don’t need such people to run Linux? Well, maybe we don’t. But still, breaking the Microsoft Monopoly is a desirable end in itself, and potentially this site works against that.

  145. admin-fake2 Says:

    This is a joke.

  146. sense of humour-fake Says:

    whilst the genius of the site concept and design is highly amusing the comments section proved both hilarious and petrifying! for those with the patience, intrigue, and complete lack of try using google, wiki, etc to investigate the concept of deadpan.

    PS ubuntu linux sucks because vista is so much more secure and runs fairly well on my quad-core 16gb PC, i’m glad because viruses fund terrorism…

  147. admin Says:

    Linux never delivers on its promises.

  148. KDE4.0 Says:

    By the intelligence level of the comments posted here, I would have to assume Linux is primarily used by complete morons.

  149. Lucian Says:

    It’s funny because it’s true! oh, wait…

  150. Winboy Says:

    hi you all linux lunatics! seems you don’t have brains.
    we all know linux is good as server, but as a consumer desktop os, it’s bullshit as joke. that’s why it it’s market share doesn’t exceed single digit.

  151. Jesus Christ Says:

    This is true! Linux is the devil’s work and Ubuntu pure blasphemy. Mark Shuttleworth is Satan’s tool. REPENT NOW I SAY for my second coming is Nigh!!!

    Bless you all and remember to pray every day… and vote republican.

  152. Dega Says:

    The Microsoft way is the true way huh? You forgot the “or else” at the end. Lol. I dual booted Ubuntu with XP less than a month ago so I could become familiar with linux(because I have no plans for personally switching to Microsoft’s new collaboration with fisher price, aka vista) and the funny part is I hardly even touch xp now. Ubuntu was easier to set up and install software on than windows. You read that right. Not to mention that it runs faster even with all the eye candy turned on.

    The market is changing, especially in the midst of this fiasco with vista. Soon Microsoft will have to earn their customers rather than just inherit them like they always have.

  153. freetards unite Says:

    You freetards are amazingly gullible.

    George loves sweaty,meaty, donkey balls.

  154. root Says:

    I’ll keep it simple:

    References? I just want references to your allegations.

  155. InetD Says:

    What a steaming pile of shit.
    Good day.

  156. Anonymous Says:

    Successful troll is successful

  157. Anonymous Says:

    Read the whole thing before you post, idiots. If you have an attention span longer than the average 8-year-old’s, you’ll get to the “Linux Users are Dangerous” section and have no doubt about whether this is serious or not. Then you can just enjoy it because it’s entertaining.

  158. admin Says:

    Linux users think that Microsoft employees are out to get them. Get it through your skulls -> you are not that important.

  159. jeremy burt Says:

    Leave Amin alone!!!!!!!! He tells the truth Admin is a good guy , George bush is a good President Bill Orreily is my hero!!!!!!!
    god Im so lonely…=(

  160. Ron Paul Says:

    Hey did I mention that I support not paying taxes including the M$ tax? Just wondering if I made it to post on this site yet.

  161. Jvb Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article.
    I was about to buy such a Linux and now I’m glad that I didn’t.

    Linux looks like a cancer.

  162. HaHaHa Says:


    The seriousness of the comments are almost as funny as the site!

  163. bob Says:

    Hmm… it looks like MS would be annoyed by the fact that you are using their logos without permission and also spreading allegations that even MS fails to confirm or support.

    Seriously, grow some balls and use some self respect.

  164. admin Says:

    What logos would that be?

  165. k12 in California Says:

    Thank you. Thank you so much for this article. I work in a department that handles all the IT decisions for 12 school districts, which is soon to be expended to all the districts in our state except for two.

    Over the years, some of our students have expressed an interest in Linux, which their teachers passed on to us, or to someone down the chain.

    After considering the various factors, including costs and our aging Windows 2000 systems, this year we began formulating a plan that would have converted the entire school system to Linux.

    After reading this article and sharing it with my manager, the select IT guys, and a few decision makers, that plan is now canceled. I am so relieved, it could have been a major disaster. Oh my god. You have no idea.

    Thank you again.


  166. Linux Says:

    You’re a fucking peace of shit. This site is destroying Linux.

  167. Marvin Says:

    Has anyone clicked on the links in the first section (Intellectual Property)? Be prepared to behold the “proof” with your own eyes!

  168. Phil Dufault Says:

    It’s kind of funny that he bashes the GPL license: “GPL’d code is damaged code with serious issues that infects everything around it. It is a cancer that must be stopped.

    This site is run by Wordpress, which is a GPL’d software.

    I’m surprised to see no ads here, I’m sure he’d made good $$.

  169. Mavrick Says:

    I hope this is some kind of sick joke!

    @k12 in California: Linux is by far the best OS! Don’t kid yourself! We run hundreds of linux servers and I can’t think of a better way to spend my day then managing them all, it’s a dream to come to work. If you ever re-consider linux for your students start with fedora or unbuntu.

    @Phil Dufault: I agree, look at LAMP. The biggest web hosting setup in the world!

    @Marvin: Intellectual Property? Ha, you have got to be kidding! How do you explain the new Windows 7? ‘Ripping’ ideas off another OS is also a breach of ‘Intellectual Property’.

    Don’t get me wrong, I run windows XP for developement work. But you can’t say Winblows is better than Linux!

  170. Mavrick Says:

    The way this guy point out the “TRUTH” about linux reminds me of Fox news and their angry Bill O’reilly. It could convince me that Linux is crap like how Fox news has done in past few years…

  171. admin Says:

    @ judy: Don’t listen to Mavrick. You made the right decision. And this is precisely why I proactively edited out your email after seeing your post. So you would not get harassed by these people. They are crazy.

    And check your email, I sent you some info on educational discounts at Microsoft, and also an edu code for a Microsoft technet subscription that drops the price down from $299 to $99. It will allow you to evaluate ALL Microsoft products for free.

    @Mavrick: “We run hundreds of linux servers…” This gave you away. Hundreds implies more than 200.

    There is a hard limit set of 127 servers on a linux network. It’s a problem with the code and the way the IP stack is handled. Thanks for trolling.

  172. admin Says:

    @Phil: Just because the router returns that this site runs on Linux and Wordpress, does not make it so. Get a clue fool.

    I’m going to have to talk to the hosting master and tell him to switch me off that opensource shit and put me on Cisco gear. Or at least route me the fuck around it.

  173. chris Says:

    this is, by far, the best and most elaborate joke i have ever seen. congratulations.

  174. random_guy Says:

    Hey! The guy who made this website stole my Windows XP cd key!
    FCKGW-RHQQ2-YXRKT-8TG6W-2B7Q8 that one’s mine! Somebody call the NSA, this guy’s a hacker and a huge security threat

  175. th3flyboy Says:

    hey admin, every think that you may just have a little bit too much free time on your hands, if you think linux is so bad, mabe you should walk in to a flock of penguins with a suit covered in fish on :P

  176. th3flyboy Says:

    oops, miss spelled ever…. D’OH!

  177. rg Says:

    wow, this article has every anti-linux fud i’ve ever seen on the Internet.

    Nice job!

  178. admin-fake3 Says:

    I would like to apologize for all the negative things I’ve said about Linux. I realize now that my claims had no basis in reality, and that I let the other idiot half of my schizophrenic personality overpower my ability to think rationally. I promise from now on I will try to take all of my medications on-time to avoid further embarrassment! I may fall off the wagon now and then; kindly ignore me when that happens. I love all of you, my Linux brethren!

  179. Time Warrior Says:

    This is totally ridiculous. No operating system is perfect so lets see what flaws Linux and Windows share:

    - Both OSes have hardware compatibility issues (hell, ALL oses do — I am sorry — but it is IMPOSSIBLE for any OS to support absolutely every piece of hardware in existence)

    - Both OSes have bugs

    - Both OSes are suseptible to user-end mistakes

    Yeah, I think thats about it off the top of my head.

    Now lets look at some more facts:

    - Windows only dominates the market because of their obscene marketing budget

    - Windows is also “always in beta” only with Microsoft, you’re paying out the nose for it

    - Any OS that ever leaves beta and is NOT constantly developed and improved upon isn’t worth shit

    - I get security, stability and immunity from most spyware and viri for FREE with Linux. I have to PAY to get PWND with Windows.

    - Most Windows installs do not detect most of the hardware and you NEED the manufacturers drivers discs to get things to work properly. Linux for me, 9 times out of 10 — properly detects and makes use of all of the hardware.

    - When a Linux Application crashes it doesn’t take the whole PC down with it like MS does

    - The Linux desktop is faster and more configurable

    - Does not scale with a multi-user environment? Are you on crack? I don’t need to buy “PCnowhere” to be able to remote into my system. The desktop is easier to use than a MS desktop. Multi-user accounts are easy to setup and use. My god the list goes on.

    I could rant forever but I’ll end on this note:

    You are either very ignorant and have not done much research into Linux (or) this is a Microsoft Propaganda Tactic. From 1994 to 2008 I have run Windows for all but the last 2 of those years. I switched because Windows did not give me what I needed and Linux gave it to me.

    I got sick of running on an unstable POS. Linux gave me the stability to do what I needed to do. It’s been a godsend.

    Your propaganda is what people should worry about. Especially when you say things like “All Linux Users Are Software Pirates” and “Linux Is Dirty” … please. Linux is all about free software and open source. How in the hell do you pirate an open source application? lol

    Do more research. You’re making yourself look like a fool and all of your feedback shows it.


  180. Alex Says:

    This website is shit. Fuck you, and fuck Windows.

  181. biosphear Says:

    I would like to have a debate with you about this.

    Then we can set up our networks with our OS of any type ( I am guess you would go with Windows) and we can have a little battle. What Network will get exploited first.

    You can find my information on my web page.

  182. Heywood Jablohmey Says:

    Be afwaid, be verrrrry afwaid. Laughing my ass OFF!

  183. LostOverThere Says:

    Haha, Funny Man! This is great.

  184. Cynon Says:

    But w.t.f about America’s wealth beeing stolen by lesser countries? Can you not come up with some less 10yearoldish issue

    Lol! man this site is really worth a promotion:D

  185. asdas Says:

    OMG, I’m enlightened!!!

    Too funny to be real. =)

  186. MR T Says:

    To quote post 138:

    # Steve Says:
    July 12th, 2008 at 3:26 am

    Best. Troll. EVER!

    I am a little bit ashamed of the Linux supporters who didn’t catch the joke, come on guys it was almost believable for a bit but illegal in the US? The irony is that the best argument on this page is Linux users are zealots because of the comments. That being said many people did pick up on the joke and comment as such.

    I do wonder if the admin will maintain the joke for much longer or eventually come out of character and tell us about what motivated him to make the website as well as a few other things I’d like to ask.

    This guy hit the nail on the head, it was a great chuckle :)

  187. Cynon Says:

    This is truly the best troll, in fact it brings the word ‘troll’ a whole new meaning.

  188. morgan Says:

    Windows is for chavs – it also catches and spread aids to other windows machines just by connecting to the internet – and you have to pay a company that supports the republican party in the usa…………

  189. tux Says:

  190. RichardW Says:

    Open source is the future.
    Microsoft is trying their best to catchup…but alas, they have lost ;) Goodbye microsoft.
    Power to Google, Power to linux, Power to open source.

  191. DanR Says:

    The funniest thing about this page has to be how many people are taking it seriously. Very creative. :-P

  192. Roger Says:

    “It is also interesting to note that Linux works best on older hardware, P3, less than 1Ghz, less than 512MB RAM. Anything more and Linux becomes unstable.”

    The is a complete lie and is funny as well. Becomes unstable with more RAM and a faster processor? Funny. How could a faster processor and more RAM ever make a computer unstable? Did the author read what he typed? I have Fedora Core 6 installed on a 2.0 GHz Athlon X2 with 1 GB of RAM, a GeForce 6800GS video cards, etc. It works great. Unstable? Get a clue.

    Not that I really care about one side or the other.

    But I can answer that in two words.

    or another two words
    either of these is frequently exacerbated by faster processing.

  193. Lhan Samson Says:

    Do you really want to compare Linux against Windows in terms of stability? Intellectual Property? I agree that there are some “parts” of Linux were inspired (and not stolen) by Windoze, but these “parts” are not natively under Linux but third party open source applications. Also, hardware compatibility? Of course Microsoft has better support, it also eats more resources. The higher the version, the higher its system requirements. So which do you think of the 2 sucks?

  194. chris Says:

    REALLY: you are serious about this? I can’t figure…

    Some posts seem like a humorous approach, but in many more you take some serious standing (pro Windows). Anyway, if this is NOT sarcasm, you are SOOO retarded! (I won’t bother to get any arguments to anything, you simply do not know what you’re saying)

  195. chris Says:

    Windows is the best OS ever. I do not understand why do you bother to run this site. You DESERVE to stay with Windows, no doubt about that!

    PS: this was sarcasm. This is not: you are a typical idiot.

  196. chris Says:

    still, if it is a joke, it is too elaborated to have fun

  197. Mr. A. Penguin Says:

    This is too funny

  198. orimar Says:

    I love to say it, but America is NOT the greatest country in the world. I’m Asian and have lived in the States longer than I have lived in Europe. Europe is much better dude. Even my friends, who are from the States, are migrating to Europe.

    Grow up and learn the truth about your country!!!

  199. UnnamedOPA Says:

    i agree linsucks and MS well it adopted me freshened my diapers , and a daily tit + nipple Now iam a 14 yrs old guy semen in my hair
    coding Windows 7 in uncle Bill cellar , only 2 hrs for my new cumshot and F**K *Bsod* is a security program (wait and let the damm thing do its works) just read TFM (google for avbr)

  200. George W. Bush Says:

    Windows is a key tool in the war on tourism and the struggle to bring freeman moxy to rogue states that hold the’merican people hostile. Just ask Osama bin Linux.

  201. mahesh Says:

    i dont agree about this site.. linux is the best operating system that we have come across.

  202. sitor Says:

    This site is just a bunch of lies. That is clear to anyone who has any experience with Linux. Unfortunately not everyone who may visit this site does. And those people might actually believe this crap.

    In case this is meant as a joke, it is really distasteful and harmful.

    In case it is not, that would even be worse…

  203. CentOS Says:

    CentOS has over 2 million users and the project is run totally on donations.

    If Microsoft made their software free and asked for a donation they’d go out of business. No one runs Microsoft software through choice and they certainly wouldn’t donate cash for it.

  204. Ballmer Says:

    GPL’d code is damaged code with serious issues that infects everything around it. It is a cancer that must be stopped.

    What about software like M$ Office? Nobody but M$ can read the bullshit .doc and .ppt files generated by M$ Office. And thus, if you use M$ Office, your peers are forced to use M$ Office as well. Isn’t M$ Office viral?

    And what about software like Internet Explorer? Unless a web-page has been created keeping IE in mind (or created with some M$ tool), IE won’t render it properly. What do you call a browser that can’t render a standards-compliant web-page nicely and thus creates new de-facto standards? Isn’t Internet Explorer viral?

    With best wishes,
    Steve Ballmer.

  205. Karl Says:

    Well, this is all nice, but frankly, I do all my computing in machine language. Sure, it takes a little longer, but it doesn’t eat up my RAM, it’s free, and that is REAL computing. Not like these GUIs that are really for toy-hungry children who want to be real hackers. Sheeet.

  206. Lars Says:

    The author of this page is either:

    A: The absolute, ultimate master of irony and sarcasm


    B: Absolutely fucking nuts and ready for the looney bin

  207. Al Gore Says:

    Thank you so much for this eye opening expose of the looming threat of Linux to the Internet. My Internet. The internet I invented. Linux is the largest catastrophe since Global warming and remember George Bush invented Global warming.

    Have you noticed that Obama and Ubuntu both have 3 syllables? For that matter so does Osama. Hmm? I believe there is a Global conspiracy threatening my Internet… some unholy alliance of Middle Eastern and Midwestern radicals, with an African connection.

    Hmm… do you realize that Africa is in the middle between the Middle East and the Midwest? And that it get’s REALLY darn hot in all three of those places.

    WOWZERS! I’ve just linked Linux to Global Warming!!!

    I really never thought George was smart enough to invent anything.

  208. GWB Says:

    I is too smart!

  209. come on..... Says:

    Holy crap… admin, you’ve gone too far with your absolutely ridiculous comments! Whats Saddam have to do with windows or Linux??? LMAO… Oh… where did BG get the idea for windows??? Hell, he stole the idea from ‘SJ’ who stole it from xerox…

    There used to be cyberwars over which was better, windows or mac os… lol… now this?? Geez almighty….

    Your maturity shines through… I mean, you obviously have nothing better to do than argue with the many people on here…

    Go watch “Pirates in Silicon Valley”…

    Oh… by the way… wonder why hospitals, governments and airports etc. use unix??? well….wouldn’t it be a b**ch if there was a BSOD in the air traffic control tower… Lots of schools are now using macs or pcs with linux installed…

    ps… i use both windows and linux.. stop labelling people… its getting OLD.

  210. Darek Says:

    this truly is *The Microsoft Way*.

    “Since the foundation of Linux is all based on lies and manipulation, the Linux tends to never deliver on its promisies.”

    Oh noes… the manipulation.
    Damn… nice joke! Really

  211. dualboot Says:

    OK. To my mind this website was planned to promote LINUX – of course by the answers, not by the article itself. The author expected the seriousness of the linux community and their sensible way discuss, help each other, clear out missunderstandings – to say it short: these things making linux and FOSS the thing they are. Regrettably, many of the posts contained SH**, FU** and many other things, etc.
    We could make this site matching with the site name – we should explain facts about linux or MSW or better shut up.

  212. dualboot Says:

    and btw: There are many unstable linux distros out there, and also very well configurated WINs. For audio and gaming I prefer WIN and for the best OSS like Blender maybe a matching linux distro, but the best OSS packages run on the most (X)-OS and only a benchmark can help your decision. Two years ago I started programming in C++ and later in C#. So I saw the free developing tools like the free Visual Studio Express Editions and, more important, the best free API documentation ever. That is one key of the great market position of MS: starting programming for WIN is fast and effective and most programmers I know love WIN for the reason of that linear learning curve at the beginning. In my last two years I reached some experience with multi-platform programming and i had to reappraise many aspects of Win or Linux many times. OSS is not always the sheep and MS not always the wolf. Both “worlds” contain people who must earn money with their job – that is not sinful, what do you think? I know a Institute Professor who only made the step to OSS to lower project costs and that just to raise his own earnings. And I know people developing software for operators of electrical windmills – do you think that he could pay his monthly rent from donations?
    So – The MS Way is not the only true way, but the LINUX and FOSS Way neither. It should coexist, it really make all OS better day by day.

  213. snivlem Says:


  214. Bob Says:

    You forgot a couple:
    Linux users are terrorists.
    Linux users are child molestors.
    Linux users are part of a secret cult that wants to ressurect Hitler.
    Linux servers host child porn.

    I could go on but I think that’ll do for now.

  215. Bob Says:

    After reading the comments by some of the less than astute readers, I do have a couple more:
    Linux users are just plain stupid.
    Linux users are blind.
    Linux users are illiterate.
    Linux users lack reading comprehension.

  216. Eivuwan Says:

    Excellent website and very funny!

    (Until I read the comments and was shocked by the number of people who took this seriously. And they actually took the time to debate your points…)

  217. Eivuwan Says:

    I also want to add that this site is not harmful to the promotion of linux because linux is foolproof, meaning that if you’re a fool, you can’t use it.

  218. Bakkoda Says:

    Linux = communism.

  219. Ballmer Says:

    Linux is a collaborative conspiracy by cyber-terrorists.

    With best wishes,
    Steve Ballmer.

  220. The Truth Is Out There Says:

    So, where are all the articles that back up your claims? Links or it didn’t happen. Screens or it didn’t happen. Court records or it didn’t happen.

    Windows is a niche market, as stated, 1% market share on supercomputing needs. Try getting Windows to boot on a Cray X-5.

    Xerox LOST patents for monopolizing the photocopier market. LOST. TAKEN AWAY. Microsoft can suffer the same fate.

    Best practices? Don’t make me laugh. I BSODed all the time on XP and I BSOD often enough on Vista. Linux has never crashed as long as I have used it.

    Look up CP/M. The source was stolen to make MS-DOS. Unix codes and commands were also stolen to make DOS commands.

    As I said, links. Lots of links. More links the better. PROVE IT.

  221. The Truth Is Out There Says:

    A far as losing the proof page, you never heard of backups? Here’s a hint: cp proof.html proof.html.backup. There, type that in console and there ya go, a backup. Want another? Make a backup2. Seriously. You are pathetic even for a computer user to not have backups.

  222. Hamed Says:

    just funny joke…

  223. Anonymous Says:

    The proof was made 404 on purpose, and the entire article is with heavy irony.

  224. Link48010 Says:

    “And then your drivel about firefox… While Firefox was away passing the Acid2 Test, various internet explorer versions vioalted the official web rndering guidelines. Only IE7, which is possibly the worst IE, passes Acid2.”

    Actually no, Firefox 2 and firefox 3 don’t perfectly render the Acid 2 test, but they are considered a pass. IE 7 does not pass the Acid 2 test at all, IE 8 beta does finally. Until recently, only Opera 8+ and Safari 2+ could perfectly render the Acid 2 test.

  225. Dr. Knowledge Says:

    Finally someone says it: Linux is Anti-OOP!

    Everything is a file on linux?
    No, everything is just garbage on linux.

    But EVERYTHING on Windows is an object.
    That’s what I call an established paradigm. You can really enjoy that as it just works – how you can play with the objects, really cool: Devices, Drivers, Drives, Files, Windows, Processes, Threads – They all inherit from Object. That’s nice.

    Well, and .NET killed Java, which was Anti-OOP as well.

  226. Ballmer Says:

    “Finally someone says it: Linux is Anti-OOP!”

    You’re wrong. Most non-M$ OSs, including Linux, are normal. They don’t force any paradigm. They offer complete programming control. You can very happily use any OOP with C++ on Linux if you want. Only Windows forces a programming paradigm.

    Contrary to popular belief, the real reason is not elegance or whatever. The real reason is that C++, unlike C, doesn’t have a well-defined Application Binary Interface (ABI). This is the reason why M$ encourages developers to code using C++. So that the object files produced by M$’s C++ compilers can be made incompatible (i.e., unlinkable) with other C++ compilers. But since the most used C++ compiler on Windows is M$’s own C++ compiler, technical issues like this tend to get ignored.

    So if you produce an object file with M$’s C++ compiler, you are forcing all your co-developers to buy & use M$’s C++ compilers. This is just another of M$’s anti-competitive tricks. This is just like – If you use M$ Office, you are forcing all your peers to buy M$ Office (because there is no technical specification about the formats of those .doc, .ppt, .xls files).

    On Linux, I can use GNU G++ to compile one C++ file and any other C++ compiler to compile another file and then link them to get a perfectly running executable. And that’s not even necessary. I can just compile both using G++. But that’s only a convenient _option_.

    “But EVERYTHING on Windows is an object.”

    Yeah. objects compatible with other M$ objects only.

    “That’s what I call an established paradigm.”

    That’s what experts (I mean real experts, not people like you who don’t know what ‘ABI’ means) and courts call anti-trust/anti-competitiveness.

    “You can really enjoy that as it just works – how you can play with the objects, really cool: Devices, Drivers, Drives, Files, Windows, Processes, Threads – They all inherit from Object. That’s nice.”

    Yeah. Only if you don’t mind being a slave.

    “.NET killed Java, which was Anti-OOP as well.”

    Come on, kid. Wake up. Go to any college that offers Computer Science programmes. You’ll find a course named “OOP using Java”. Get educated first.

    With best wishes,
    Steve Ballmer.

  227. Jpoa Says:

    This give me the creeps…

    (Hope is a joke… really)

  228. admin-fake Says:

    well the truth will be reminded and revived as the truth, not some mob like the author could do anything about it, if Bill gates has failed to beat *nix, then you certainly shouldn’t.

    your truth is a lie and at the end of day, you will regret, but that’s alright, we’re ubuntu people, we understand you.

  229. Gisse Says:


  230. Whattafaaaack! Says:

    Wow, almost laughed myself to death on this one.

    At first I thought it was serious, and I started getting pissed. Then I realized it was a joke and started laughing at myself for being defensive. After all, Linux stands on it’s own… *I* certainly don’t need to defend it.

    Then I started reading the comments, and whoooeeee! Hilarious. Don’t have time to read them all, but for anyone who gets this far down…

    This site is a joke. But it’s a very wry one. It’s designed to poke fun at not just Linux, but Linux users. And be bait to make us all come out of the woodwork and attack, like fire ants.

    Ladies and gentlemen, come on. Linux works. We *know* this. And someone saying otherwise does not change that! Just witness how effective Microsoft’s own efforts have been. They’re scrambling harder and harder every day to stave off the Creeping Doom that is their competent competition.

    The author is just laughing at you for being stupid (if you believed the article) or being stupid (if you went off in the comment you left) because in his own very subtle way, he’s pointing out how predictably stupid most people are. Either we accept whatever we read without question, or we respond to any perceived threat with blind attack.

    So. Those of you who did neither… good job.

  231. A.D. Says:

    That’s hilarious! Reading comments by the outraged was also lots of fun. Bravo!

  232. Ballmer Says:

    There are some genuinely insightful comments too.

    With best wishes,
    Steve Ballmer.

  233. alex Says:

    wtf??? microsoft?? hell yeeaaaaahhh… forget more bsod’s, i want my linux box back!!!!

  234. TheMicon Says:

    If Linux is good enough for the Pope, it’s good enough for me :)

  235. earthforce_1 Says:

    Forget the pope: If Linux is good enough for Google, it’s good enough for me.

    When was the last time Google went down or got hacked? Exactly.

  236. Chill Fates Says:

    Hi Trolly!
    Your site is hilarious!

    As a Redmond puppet, you did very well: No technical comparison, no insightful tests, not a word about M$ FUD, not a word about M$ vendor lock in strategies, not a word about M$ low blow tactics and this could go on forever.

    Macro$haft is so not confident in itself that they’re always going low blow tactics instead of fighting on quality, stability, etc. FUD tactics, expanding standards to exclude competition, lock in tactics, changing their closed source Office file formats to force people to upgrade, etc. Endless shit by a company that only want your money and lock you in… NSA Keys, etc….

    Redmond uses the weak side of humans to their benefice. Probably about 95% of human being are afraid of changes and afraid to read a minimum to understand what they use, what they do, etc. But what is funny right now is that a lot of users resists the upgrade to Office 2007 because the interface is different! Not to mention the interoperability problem “by design” to force people to upgrade. Don’t tell me about M$ “compatibility packs”, they don’t work properly! And it’s not true that DocX is an open standard, only M$ can decipher it!

    Come on Trolly, grow and start to try to understand a field that you obviously don’t know! Linux is not perfect, so is the same for everything that surround us. But at least, Linux is open and uses standards.

    You can use whatever OS you want and if you like Windows, then go for it. But saying false things doesn’t bring anything good to the community.

    Here are a couple of links, you could start from that if you want to understand the subject:

  237. Anonymous Says:

    I agree! I hate Lunix. And those pathetic cheap Lunix users should pay Microsoft (The best company in the world!) billions for using it. All hail Microsoft!

    By the way, is this article a joke or serious? Some people might actually agree.

    Humour Level:
    1. Patents: 9/10, quite good since that’s a real claim.
    2. C: 8/10, Windows in C++, ha. And I like the Bill’s food part.
    3. Toy: 8/10, like the lead painted part.
    4. Hardware: 6/10, not really funny.
    5. Scalability: 7/10, ironic but not really funny.
    6. Multiuser: 6/10, ironic, given that Unix is designed to be such.
    7. Cult: 6/10, partly true, but it’s a feature, not a bug!
    8. Objective: 6/10, not really that good.
    9. Delivering: 6/10, ironic.
    10. Dangerous: 7/10, not really funny, too Encyclopedia Dramatica.
    11. Relentless: 6/10, partly true, not really funny but good abuse of a stereotype.
    12. Feature: 7/10, of course it’s a feature!
    14. Family: 7/10, ironic.
    15. American: 8/10, true if capitalism == America (now), not if America == Freedom (old).
    16. Value: 1/10, too short.
    17. Cost: 1/10, too short.

    Typing this on Ubuntu Hardy.

    P.S. I order Admin (TM) to reply to all these posts in the interests of humour (yes, I am from the UK).

  238. tommy Says:

    This guy just wants our E-mail addresses, we have to disclose one to just post a comment. “Mail (will not be published)” I don’t believe him.

    How ever you can input a fake E-mail address Like I just have

  239. Guy Funny Says:

    YOU can also swear which is neat,

    You assfucking motherfucker twat bastard shithead wanking cunt.

  240. Dill Nates Says:

  241. Anon delivers Says:


    thanks for the laugh it was really funny, and some of the comments ppl are leaving are even funnier!

    get cut more!

  242. Anonymous Says:

    Please ressurrect Division Two. I still can’t understand why it was deleted.

  243. Cliffton Says:

    This is sad. There’s no way Microsoft is paying for this page (too lame). So some guy created it.. why? Why does some schlub feel like a gigantic megacorporation like Microsoft needs or appreciates his help? And even if they do, what good does it do our schlub not to get paid for it?

    “Leap ignorantly to the defense of wealthy … companies who don’t know or care about you.” – Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw

  244. FreeAsInGNU Says:

    and what with this tag inside your xhtml source??:

  245. God Says:

    God says Microsoft is evil. It steals from the poor and give to the rich. Linux doesn’t steal, it is honest. Death to Microsoft imperialism. God did it for the lulz

  246. admin Says:

    You can see the progression of a Linux user on this page here:

  247. Israel Says:

    There is so much stuff published on this page I don’t know where to begin correcting the utter lies and untruths here. The site author is hopeless along with 99% of the info on this page. This site is not even worth DDoS-ing. Have fun with your pwned boxes lusers!

  248. Anonymous Says:

    “Servicing users on cam sites”?!? Dude, that is SUCH a load of crap!

    …everyone knows webcams are incompatible with Linux.

  249. Is this a joke Says:

    Either this is a joke or the guy writing this knows nothing about linux.

  250. Laughing Says:

    “Antiquated C”…I guess the moron that runs this site doesn’t realize that C++ is a crappy OO wrapper for C…

    Are you really THAT stupid of a person to realize that?

    It looks like you’re just a paid Microsoft drone that spreads FUD.

    And I don’t run Linux OR Windows (but I’m on a Windows box at work).

    I’m sure that would blow your mind that there’s other choices out there…

  251. Hamada Says:

    I think the reason this site was created is to see how many responses will be posted to this hilarious crap! If Microsoft had so much to offer, how come Bill Gates retired?

  252. I think I will add a reply as well Says:

    When studies are done on the progression of Linux users vs. Micro$hit users, Linux users are shown to have significantly higher IQs, better cognitive function, and less symptoms of MBWS.


    MBWS: Microshaft Brain Washing Syndrome-Malady in which users of Win-blows Operating System lose touch of reality, individualism, and inspiration to create new, and rely on copying programs already manufactured via Unix and Linux Operating Systems.

  253. Lollerskates Says:

    Lol. This site is funny…

  254. GetToZeROFLCHOPTER Says:

    I agree with everything this site has to offer.
    As soon as I can drop around $500 on Vista/Office and thousands of $’s on Photoshop/Visual Studio I’ll be getting rid of this Fedora which was free with a bunch of free shit like development tools (Eclipse), gimp, inkscape, DOOM (thats right bitchez!), OOo, etc….
    viva la vi! emacs blows

  255. Someone Says:

    This is just a online marketing scam to drive traffic to the site and nothing else :)

  256. just another viewer Says:

    This is really an amazing site.

    It has the most complex web of psychotic misinterpretations of comments i have ever seen.

    Type A person: Believes the site
    Type A-A person: Believes A, and tries to Help
    Type A-B person: Is angry at the site, because A believed it
    Type B person: Leaves a sarcastic comment
    Type B-A person: Takes B seriously (B-A == A-B)
    Type C person: Provides an explanation of Type B-As problems
    Type C-A person: Continues on with C
    Type D person: Honestly tries to argues windows vs linux from personal experience
    Type E person: Me and the others who know this a Microsoft funded stunt.
    Type F: Our friend “admin” who is trying his best not to sound like some arab or romanian guy who cant speak english properly. Nice touch.

    # 68 “If anything, this site proves that Linux is not an OS, it is a cult. Just read the comments!” – Admin July 9th, 2008 at 9:34 am

    Yes you proved that. But dont forget, you are fighting with free people. Not paid employees. You can never beat someone that has nothing to loose.

    Good luck Microsoft.

  257. P13808 Says:

    This is a troll site. Let’s all rate it down on StumbleUpopn and bury it down by destroying it(okay, i have no plan).

    Darn, i pressed shift five times and turned on an annoying feature of winblows.

    Winblows is only for lemmings. Join Linux or even BSD when you are ready to think.

  258. Jon Says:

    I find the first two posts to be very revealing of Windows, and quite humorous.

    1. Linux steals Microsoft intellectual property.
    2. Linux is dirty because it’s sloppy, messy code…. hm. Maybe all that sloppy code comes from Microsoft? :-D

    For the honestly curious, speaking as a long-time Mac user, and a very observant and disinterested Linux user (curious, so I did lots of studying on what it is, where it comes from, nd the philosophy behind it–much of which I disagree with at a personal level), this page is nothing but FUD, and based solely on lies that Microsoft has virally propogated through various means, including this site. The truth is that some of the points made here are based on a tiny grain of truth, but everything built upon those truths is pure fear-mongering. Good try Microsoft, despite the lie I read at the very bottom of this page…


  259. the great Says:

    Fuck windows and its BSOD and viruses

  260. admin Says:

    Get the facts here:

  261. Linux4Me Says:

    This *IS* a joke…isn’t it? I hope so, because I laughed my ass off skimming through it! What a crock of…crap.

  262. Erox Says:

    Well… you say: “As some of you might know, America is the greatest country that has ever existed, and will continue to dominate the rest of the world for the next 1000 years”

    A person who can say such kind of things does not need any other comments… It’s clearly self-explanatory!!!



  263. szc333 Says:

    LOL Which fucking crapjob wrote this?

    He hasn’t got a life

  264. Dragoniz Says:

    Maybe this article is written by Bill Gates or some guy from Microsoft…


    In the world without walls and fences,
    Who needs Windows and Gates?..

  265. I can't Add-Min Says:


    HEY people, you should never argue with an idiot, because they will drag you down to their level (in the sewers) and beat the snot out of you with experience .. aaand that RPG they’ve got hidden in the muck down there … AND especially if they have MS certs. It is a disease.

    Anyone who really knows anything can tell you the MCSE stands for

    The main thing you have to know to get Microshaft certs is how to spell ‘administrator’

    The things you have to know to get Linux certs would scare the Windohs fannie boys running back to their daddy Ballmer, like little Japanese schoolgirls.

  266. I can't Add-Min Says:

    Then again the things I know about windohs bugs and stupid quirks make my head hurt.

  267. poro Says:


  268. Gizmof Says:

    American Values
    WTF IS THAT? America as USA is not greates country…. omfg shit this XD.
    And I use linux and XP
    I hope it write any micro and soft emp. or any pc noob, witch saw ubuntu in 90′ :D .

  269. admin Says:

    Hi I’m the admin, I wish to apologize for my irrational behavior against Linux. I actually looove Linux. Linux bloody rocks. It soooooo rocks. Some fan boys just paid me to do this. I actually use Linux at home. I loove it so much I type Linux with a capital L.

  270. Ballmer Says:

    WTF!!!??? How could you disclose so publicly that I paid you? Keep it a secret, please.

    With best wishes,
    Steve Ballmer.

  271. Anonymous Says:


  272. leo_rockway Says:

    The Linuces ate my babies!

  273. fxong Says:

    congratulations. i did try some linux distros: suse, mandriva, ubuntu, mint. they are all good at beggining, but later you be dealing with some hard settings to configure this and that. just horrible. even to configure a video driver is a pain in the ass. windows is still the best.

  274. Quark15 Says:

    Problem with the internet is that you get all sorts of half-wits posting nonsense all over the place. Just because the admin finally got his vista on and IE up after booting for half a day doesn’t mean anything. After you finish learning your office packages and know anything about computers, then maybe you can think of writing about them. until then do yourself a favor and turn on a proper computer with some Linux on there.

  275. Anonymous Says:

    LOL do people actually believe this? it sounds like he’s confusing linux with windows.

    “What if you were hurt and scared and alone. What if you called 911 and no one answered? What if someone just raped you?”
    are you f**king joking me? that’s simply the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

  276. Magice Says:

    Really, I wonder if Microsoft sponsors this page, and if the author has ever used Linux seriously once in a while. You know, this is EXACTLY the same as “Get the Facts” campaign of Microsoft few years ago. Let me tell you my truth. Windows is good if:

    a. You have BOTH money and time. In Linux, you type in password ONCE, and you can modify stuffs as you please. In Windows (Vista), you never type in password, instead click yes a million times. Which one costs more time? In Linux, you don’t need to pay attention to Virus, spyware, adware. Well, you don’t need to pay attention to looking for software at all. Just type “search office” and everything is shown. Windows? DON’T EVEN MAKE ME START.

    b. You use the damned PC alone. Windows system is, practically, useless without privileged user account. You cannot even use a new flash drive (the driver won’t install). So, you must give everyone shares the damned PC an administrator accounts, or the apps won’t work. The end? Well, the machine is screwed up, and people screaming at each other. Someone breaks it, but noone knows who.

    c. You are tolerant to contempt. Linux community members help each other out. I am helped, and I happily help others. Hey, we have something in common to choose the same distribution, right? Windows? Excuse me, but I have had enough of “Advantage.” And the new ad, Mojave Experiment, is blaming to dumb to understand the high and mighty Vista. Again, excuse me, but that damned thing cannot see my XP boxes. And I cannot work AT ALL. It nags me over and over. How about the Windows Update thingie? I say I want to restart later. It nags over and over until I am too mad to say that again.

    d. You are fine with dictator. Who is dictator, MS or, uhm, a million of programmers in a thousands of projects? Can you please define “dictator” again? What is the first few months in Linux? Well, hopping around to choose your favorite flavor of Linux! Can you do that in Windows? Can you change something you don’t like? Can you get rid of IE? Hey, I can get rid of Firefox just fine, and use Opera instead, or Konqueror, or w3, damned, or Emacs-www mode. I can use Gnome, or Kde, or Enlightenment, or Xfce, or Fluxbox. What if I don’t like Aero? Haha, I don’t like it, so I switch to Beryl (in Linux, of course).

    Also want to tell everyone something. I believe that there are many components of Windows using code from open source programs. They publish under liberal licenses such as BSD and MIT, allowing MS to take advantage of them. Secondly, people for GNU is VERY strict about legal problem, as most open source programmers are. They feel better to build something from scratch than to steal something. Damn, they are better programmers, OF COURSE they can build whatever MS can from scratch. Also, what is the problem with C? It is, without doubt, the fastest language out there, period. Using C with all kinds of tricks means respect for users. Those programmers respect users’ time. They use the fastest language available to build the system (no one can build something serious by Assembler, so C is the best choice). By the way, what does Microsoft use ANYWAY? C, I think. C++ is the best. Well, which one is better, C or C++? But hey, can I care less? Why should I spend a fraction of my life worrying about what the heck the kernel is implemented in? Startup scripts is in Bash, whole bunch of software is in Perl, some other is in Python, the Windows manager is in Common Lisp. Like I care.

    So, good job. Tell me, how much did Microsoft pay you to write this?

  277. hammer Says:

    i’m a gamer. i have an xbox360, but a bunch of good games are released only on windows. linux can’t handle the most recent games. wine can’t do it. so, i’m still on windows (for games)

  278. The Eye Says:

    That’s some low-ended comedy.
    Some of the fools coming here actually fell for it too, har har.

  279. Ballmer Says:

    @277: Games

    Linux can handle games much better than Windows. The problem is that most games are written for Windows. You shouldn’t expect these things to run on Linux. Try running a Linux game or any Linux application on Windows. It won’t even run, let alone proper performance.

    With best wishes,
    Steve Ballmer.

  280. Slacker Says:

    Best. Troll. Evar.

    Seriously though, as a long term and unrepentant Linux user I was a little dis-heartened to see how many rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth zealots actually took this seriously. It really does tar the whole community with the ‘arrogant prick’ brush and that’s a shame.

    C’mon guys, get a sense of humour, learn to laugh at things like this because fundamentally they are funny. Also please stop getting your knickers in a twist over who’s got the “shiniest bestest most awesomest OS in the whole worldz0r!!!111ninetysevenpointeight” it really is rather pathetic.

    A lot of my friends have asked me to convert their machines to Linux for various reasons and I have done so, but before doing so I talk them through the process and make damn sure they understand that Linux is not a replacement for Windows. It is an alternative and that most of their old windows apps won’t work, some will (under WINE or DosBox) and that initially there is a small learning curve involved in getting used to a new OS.

    You simply cannot just dump a new OS on a Joe Average user and expect them to fly with it. When I do installs for other people I set up all the multimedia codecs and DVD support etc for them, just as they would have on an OEM supplied Windows system.

    Regardless of our feelings as to what may or may not be the better OS can Linux users please stop foaming at the mouth every time somebody makes a criticism of the GNU/Linux platform especially when it’s an obvious troll? It’s a great system, I know that, you know that. Personally I prefer it to Windows for lots of reasons but before you have an epileptic fit over the debate try and see things from Joe Averages point of view.


    Now have a shower and get back in the basement before you crumble in the sunlight.

  281. Anonymous Says:

    So sue me asshole, if you think I am stealing Bill Gates “Intellectual (sic) property”. Anyway, that’s less money for him to “euthanize” most of the world’s population. You think this is a joke? Do a search on the “Georgia Guidestones”. He is HARDCORE evil; makes Hitler, Marx, Lenin, Musselini, Mugabe, S. Hussein, and even “Barry Hussein Obasamo”, look like the “annonted ones”. MS plans to shut down the WWW ad replace it with WWW2 9, an exclusive version of the internet on for the rich and famous, ( and for those who have already sold their souls to SATAN. “Vengence is mine”, saith the LORD!!

  282. dwib Says:

    I like Vista, .net and managed code. They balance my checkbook, brush my teeth, have breakfast ready in the morning and walk the dog.

  283. Serious Vista Hater Says:

    dwib, I don’t see why you like vista, vista steal all performance it can on every PC I have used it on and Vista screwed all my old softwares up too – Even if it said “Windows Vista Compitable” – So I would never use vista again, even if I got payed for it, i wouldn’t…

    I’m fine with a Windows XP PC and another with Ubunto – They do what I want, without disturbing me (as vista does)…

  284. polihronov Says:

    The human stupidity is endless!

  285. dwib Says:

    Serious Vista Hater, I am kidding, I have been using Kubuntu for the last couple of years and I use Windows XP only when I have to for consulting.

  286. Edmundo Says:

    This is “Shelley The Republican” quality stuff. :-) At first, I thought it had to be made my Steve Ballmer (on Red BUll)… but later I recognized it was just a joke. :-)

  287. Snama Says:

    Man, this is hilarious. There is no way anyone would be serious writing this.

  288. *withheld for security reasons* Says:

    If this is a joke, shame on you. If you are serious, then you are guilty of libel, you are grossly misinformed, you are too f****** stupid to have the sense to check your sources, you are a blatant and willing liar, you have a personal agenda that is obviously discriminatory and dangerous, and you have no right to call yourself an American.

    I hope somebody sues you for libel. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for you because you are retarded, pity you because you are uneducated, or fear you because you are an obvious nut-job with a dangerous agenda. I hope your local Linux contingent knows who you are, and finds you in a dark alley, or some other convenient location someday—soon.

    If you have the guts to do it, I’d like to see you publish your opinions on Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Asians, Lesbians, Gays, Women’s Rights supporters, Democrats, and any other group that isn’t exactly like you, just so we can all see just what a sick f*** you really are.

    I’d also like to see you publish a list of the organizations you belong to. The KKK? Arian Nation? Neo-Nazis? Actually, the Linux folks would be way too easy on you, being the civilized, forward thinking, upstanding Americans that they are. I guess the group I’d really like to see you run into in a dark and deserted alley some night would be a bunch of the remaining Black Panthers. Oh, but I’m sure you are never found in dark alleys. I’m sure you wouldn’t be caught dead in the kind of neighbourhoods that even have alleys, being such a WASP and all. Maybe the Panthers, or some other group concerned with cleaning the filth from our society would be kind enough to pay you a visit at your home sometime. That way, all your neighbours could get in on the fun.

    Well I’m not going to stoop to wasting any more of my time on you and your kind, but I do want to ask a favour, if I may. Speaking for the majority of civilized, upstanding Americans, I’d like to ask, if you would, would you kindly ROT IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY!!! (What a ‘tard.)

    PS: To those of you who are trying to pretend this is a joke, WAKE UP! Material like this, especially when published in a public forum (i.e., the WWW) is genuinely dangerous. Consider that this will be read by misguided zealots, people with potentially dangerous mental disorders, confused “outsider” teenagers who are desperately looking for a “cause”, mildly retarded people who might take this seriously and perceive a real threat that may either cause them to develop clinical paranoia, or feel compelled to react in order to defend themselves and others from the people and groups identified herein, etc. No, if this is [supposed to be] a joke, then it constitutes criminal negligence. If it is serious, then it is propaganda of the type that can move certain types of people to action—likely very dangerous action. So, if it is serious, then it is an incitement to violence. This web site cannot be justified in any way, and is so inflammatory as to fail to qualify under the protection of Freedom of Speech.

    PPS: To “admin”, I’ll be watching to see if you have the guts to post this. I’ll bet you don’t. People like you are usually gutless, when it comes right down to it.

  289. *withheld for security reasons* Says:

    Dill Nates? Really? What the Hell kind of name is Dill Nates? Let’s see, “Nates”–sounds Communist to me. Must be why he can’t figure out how to use Linux. The Communists ran out of money to properly fund their schools a while ago, so I’m sure he has an inferior education. I wonder how much he had to pay someone to translate all this crap into decent English, to hide the fact that he barely speaks English. I’ll bet he doesn’t even speak Turkministani, or whatever his native language is, very well–underfunded schools, and all. The poor translator probably had to struggle with the original script, to get the syntax and word usage corrected, so he could make a plausible translation.

    This Dill Nates guy is probably as American as Vladimir Portnov. He just can’t stand that the Cold War ended in a disastrous Communist loss, and he’s trying to stir shit up in the hopes of starting something again. I wonder how many other Hate-mongering sites he is responsible for.

    On the other hand… Hmmm. Dill Nates–Bill Gates; do I detect a similarity there. AH-HA! It’s a pseudonym. Gotcha Billy! You can run, but you can’t hide. We’ll probably let you run for a while though–push you right to the edge of exhaustion, let you think you’ve lost us for a minute or two, then run you some more; another minute or two rest, and run again. Run Billy, run. See Billy run.

    When we finally tire of that game, we’ll corner you, and make you sweat like a pig, wondering what we’re going to do with you. String you up by your thumbs. Torture you. How about draw and quarter you. There hasn’t been a good draw and quartering around here for a long time. We can even put it on U-tube, so people who have heard the term, but don’t really know what it means can be educated.

    Or, we could just keep you trapped in a cave, away from all your money, and your talking house… See what kind of survival skills a money whore has. Or we could strip you naked, flay your skin, and watch you slowly dehydrate to death. I hear that’s a real nasty one–can take days. Then, there’s always Chinese Water torture–that’s always fun to watch. It doesn’t kill you, it just drives you mad, until you flail around enough to kill yourself, by breaking your back or neck. Or we could stick firebrands in your eyes and ears, leaving you blind and deaf, and see how long you could survive like that.

    Oh, I almost forgot one of the best ones; Death by a Thousand Cuts. That’s a real laugher. The victims get really nuts before that’s over, and you can drag it out for days and days. Or we could bury you up to your neck, and jam a rock in your mouth to keep it opened, then watch insects eat you, from the inside out.

    Wow, I didn’t know I was so creative. Or… we could make you choose. Waddaya think Billy? What’ll it be? What would be appropriate for an antisocial money whore? No hanging or firing squad, or anything like that though. It has to be slooow.

    Or, we could make you work at a Windows machine, until a BSOD occurs, then release a gallon jar of fire ants in your pants. That’d be appropriate. How long do you think you could keep Windows running, before a BSOD got you?

    Just joking. Fooled ya. Ha, ha, ha. Pretty funny, huh?

    Did you know it was a joke all along? Or did you take it seriously, for a while. You must have caught on sooner or later, nobody would put something like that on the web, if they were serious. Just like all the Dill Nates sites, hey? Just good old fashioned sick humor. Just like Dill is putting out there. Or, is he really serious? Or was this? Only the Shadow knows. (Well, him and Dill.)

    Good night Dilly. Hope you sleep well. Just keep thinking of being buried up to your neck, while ants and spiders feed off your juicy inner parts.

    Ha ha! Gotcha again! This is funny stuff, right?

    Ya gonna post this one, Dilly? Or keep a copy of it under your pillow, for bedtime reading?

    You know there is only one law of Physics–one “natural” law, that hasn’t come under serious question, and that’s the Second Law of Thermodynamics–which is just the Western World’s way of stating the Law of Karma. Believe in Karma, Dilly? Everything we know about our World, the Cosmos, Particle Physics, and Human Behaviour is complete and total Bullshit, unless the Second Law of Thermodynamics–that is, the Law of Karma–is true.

    Karma is both the most powerful, and the most omnipresent force in all of creation. You can run Dilly, but you can’t hide. If nothing else does… Karma’s gunna getcha!

    Ha ha ha! Just funnin ya again. Karma’s just a bunch of bullshit, made up by some monks somewhere, with nothing else to do. So, you’ve got nothing to worry about. This is all just one big joke. Funny, right? RIGHT? Come on now, don’t be obstinate. Don’t make me release the flying monkeys! Funny, RIGHT? (Better say “yes”.)

    OK, well whether you think so, or not, I think it was funny. Just a big joke. Just like Linux people being in a cult, getting brainwashed, and eating babies. (Oh, wait a minute… I think that was Dingos… or was it Penguins? Well, it doesn’t make any difference, it was still FUNNY, RIGHT?)

    Well, I’ve got to go. It’s time to feed the Minotaur, and spray some more sugar water on the guy in the ant pit. So you’ll forgive me if I end this here. It’s been fun, huh.

    You and I, we’re alike, ya know. We share the same sense of humor. Hasn’t this all been just a blast? We’ll have to do it again sometime. Sometime real soon. When your least expecting it. KARMA’S GUNNA GETCHA! MWAAAHAAAHAA…

    Now, no sleeping with the lights on. Global warming and all, ya know. Be a good citizen. Conserve energy. (There’s that Western interpretation of the Law of Karma again. Damn, that thing is everywhere!) And don’t forget, this was all a big joke. All in good fun. Wasn’t it? Well… wasn’t it?

  290. cha0s Says:

    Really Funny ahahahahhaahahhahahaahhaaaahahahhahhahahahhaahahaahaa….


  291. DaNuB Says:

    WoW! In all my years of reading the “Windows vs *nix” arguments, I have never come across something this fucking pathetic before. The part I found funniest was where linux users are brainwashed and turned into “tits”.

    With regard to this site, I don’t actually see *ANYTHING* that even closely resembles proof. It’s just absurd assumptions, like when your in 3rd grade and your teacher asks you the meaning of a word while giving it to you in a sentence. So here, lemme break it down for you, in the non-microsoft fanboy way…

    Windows Pros:
    (1)Active Directory (Linux can’t compete with this yet)
    (2)Wide Spread software support (M$ owns 90% of the OS marketshare, of course people are going to program for windows)
    (3)Games (linux can play alot of games, but serious gamers have a windows box because that is where the serious games are developed for (goes back to martketshare)
    (4)User-intuitive (Even a retard can figure out how to point and click thru wizards)

    Unfortunately, that’s all I got for the windows side….moving on

    *nix pros (linux/unix):
    (1)Was the FIRST (was the first style of OS, developed the IP that helped M$ realize it’s goals)
    (2)Free (If it’s on linux, it’s probably free)
    (3)Smaller Footprint (A Linux install takes approximately half the time to install, and about 1/3 the disk cost. Windows bloats their software to make sure it is compatible with everything right out of the box [they have to in order to keep the marketshare]. Linux might not work right out of the box with everything, but give it a minute, it will…It just takes a little while to get our hands on your proprietary code, reverse engineer it, make it better, and then release it as a linux driver.)
    (4)Virtually no virii (No whether that is due in part to lack of a marketshare [who wants to spend the time writing a virus that can only affect 1-5% of the computers in the world] or because *nix has much stricter system guidelines and user policies, I don’t want to say.)
    (5)Damn near every aspect of a *nix box is configurable and somewhat easily I might add (not like windows where it is an absolute bitch to create your own context menu item)
    (6)Broader Support Base (Windows has what… 500k Employees? Linux users are all over the world and if you have a problem, your just an IRC or a google away from help. Sure with windows you have that lovely website where you can find answers to remedial questions, but what if you want to modify the tcpip.sys to allow more then 10 half open connections [[yes i know they wrote a batch application to patch it, but aside from the linux users here, how many windows users actually know what a half open connection is, or that M$ even put a limit on it?]]. What if you want to change your desktop shell? you can’t do it)
    (7)Look at the history/timeline of linux. Look at the history/timeline of windows. Linux is younger then windows, but as already accomplished just as much if not more. If Unix/Linux got a bigger marketshare, Windows would go bankrupt because they wouldn’t be able to keep up with the innovations that occur on such a short schedule (500k employees who call it quits after 5pm remember, VS millions of linux users awake drinking coffee, snorting low, and begin “tits” while helping you get your linux shit up an running (anyone up for some multi-tasking).
    (8) Scalability (Linux was built on a multi user support model, windows wasn’t [check the windows eula if you dont believe me... one license, one computer, one person logged in at a time unless you bought a multi user license., etc, etc...])

    And as for ARCHER (comment #39) – Thats the Devil’s Own key moron… ::shakes head in a shameful way:: WHY GOD!!!?? WHY!?!

  292. admin Says:

    shouldn’t be too hard to “hack” admin lol

  293. Darren Harris Says:

    Someone else that doesnt know what they talking about LOL

  294. Will Notbe-Published Says:

    Damn right! Everyone knows Microsoft never lies. I read it in a business survey. So it must be True.
    Legal Disclaimer:
    Use of the word “True” is licenced by Microsoft Corporation and is a Registered Trademark.

  295. Darren Harris Says:

    Surely microsoft are the ones breaking the law with there £150 operating systems,Linux is far more superior,far more superior,i would not use windowz if someone payed me,they are the rip off merchants……respect linux world

  296. Tech blog Says:

    I just did a speed read of that post and it looks like you frogot about the software patents belonging to Linux that Microsoft have stolen.

    There was an agreement that they would let each other use them, but alas, later on Microsoft decided to sue.

    I’ll post a link here later for the people who don’t know how to search on Google :)

  297. Leslie Satenstein Says:

    Windows is a good product, and while one can look at only at one product, there are ideas to get from alternatives.

    You probably have an illegal copy of windows. And to support your illegal copy, you have an illegal copy of Norton Anti-virus, or McAfee anti-virus, and a whole bunch of spam filters, defragers and a slew of register edit programs to keep your system functioning.

    The important thing is to realize that Microsoft has no monopoly on ideas or intelligence. They stole most of the code and ideas. XP was a straight lift of bsd — a linux version that was with a license that stated free to copy. So Microsoft copied it, and charged you $$$ for that privilege. Let me see… $200 for XP professional, $900 for MS Office (oh yes, you got a pirate copy, I forgot). and Norton, and Defragger, and oh so many other free softwares that youngsters like you pickup. What’s stealing $2000 in software. Why, your just evaluating it you say…

    Just realize that every company reaches a peak, and then fades. It happened to IBM, it is happening to Microsoft (look at share prices) and what is occurring in Europe, where governments want free open source.

    So linux is young, and your experience was bad, because you did not take the time to read the fine manual.

    In closing, a final commment. More then 65% of all web servers in the world are linux Apache MySQL PHP based, If linux was so bad, why such a large number?

    With Microsoft we have a slogan which is “You can always find better, but you can’t pay more”.

  298. ubun Says:

    One of the main reasons for Linux’s lack of headway into the desktop market is that it’s seen as threatening the PC economy and therefore US’s hegemony around the world in the domain (or MS has managed to convince the industry of it)..

    Therefore even Microsoft competitors would rather see their products killed by MS than to support Linux. They must see it as a form of sacrifice for a greater cause, namely economical control. And don’t count on the media for covering the truth either.

    I also personally suspect A LOT of the “linux community” as we know might be in fact populated by paid MS trojan horses whose job is to shape views about Linux being an ill-fated underdog, or simply sabotage any attempts to launch it into the mainstream. Nobody is ever on the side of who they claim to be.

    In other words, Linux has some greater odds against it then what is even apparent.

  299. Adam Says:

    Bill Gates Say’s Linux BEST OPERATING SYSTEM EVER!!! Discussion closed.

  300. mr_machina Says:

    ROFL, the funniest shit I read all week. Good job.

  301. slack-crack Says:


    That site made my day :) .
    Actually, it’s not the article itself, but the zealous comments following it that are the best. I will definitely recommend this site to friends! xD

  302. Lunix Says:

    The comments here are exactly the reason that I don’t contribute any more to any linux project. The community used to be a bunch of smart geeks, now it is a horde of raving morons.

  303. ebcdic Says:

    This site is freaking funny! The comments even more so!
    So freetards DO exist… :D

  304. admin Says:
    “I’m leaving linux because I’m addicted to porn and am desprately seeking to kick the habit.”

  305. SuperUser Says:

    This is propaganda, at least it uses fear-therms like the nazis did and explains not one of the points listed, after thesis no arguments but fake stories, haha, i m a tit.
    and america being the greatest country ever? ahahahahahahaha,

    what we need is a discussion about education in schools.

  306. Loonix Says:

    ROFLMAO !!!

    Some of the commenters must have been dropped as babies or something.

  307. DoMeAFavour Says:

    Great stuff!

    I could sit here reading this all day with a big smile on my face. Work can wait.

    Even Linus posts here!

    People whose native language is not English might be excused for not getting the joke.

    It’s just amazing how many (American?) English speakers have taken this seriously.

    Desperate, isn’t it?


  308. Yola Says:

    I have a question: Do you assimilate BSD to linux too? Linux kernel close from BSDs, and BSD is often used as servers and developpement tool in university, as linux.

    Linux was a free clone of Unix kernel, and BSD is Unix’s “child”. So do you considarate it as dirty and unsecure as linux? :]

  309. Thomas M Says:

    This article matches the quality and biased viewpoint of articels on

    Get a live fanboy

    Nuff said.

  310. Sum Yung Gai Says:

    Folks, please….

    This site is a total joke! Can’t you see that?? The guy’s obviously poking fun at the Microsoft marketing drivel. Have a sense of humor! C’mon! It’s totally hilarious!!

    You oughta see the section with a picture of Hitler showing a “typical Linux User Group meeting”. Priceless. I was laughing so hard I could barely type.

    C’mon, folks, take important things seriously, yes, but recognize a satire Web site when you see one and enjoy it in that spirit. This is definitely one of those cases.


  311. The great Blue one Says:

    “As some of you might know, America is the greatest country that has ever existed, and will continue to dominate the rest of the world for the next 1000 years. And in this great country of ours…”


    Heard muttered among American troops in Bhagdad, not long after the start of the Iraq war, watching others arrive…

    “Thank fuck the Australians are here”

    Number of Australian troops lost in combat? ZERO!!!

    Who has saved the Americans’ asses so often?

    Go research the battle of Long Tan in Vietnam, before you spout such Bullshit again…

  312. The great Blue one Says:

    yes its one almighty JOKE

  313. Adolf Cheatler Says:

    All read this LINUX is a spy tool Dont use it it will affect

    A Monitors CRT & LCD only plasma is safe but behind screen

    B Keyboard and Mice the swap places sometimes USB-0 then USB-1

    C U must start progs ( and on WINDOWS they do it bythemselfs ) , this is made by good Bill

    D and M$ has its unique feature off AUTOSHUTDOWN ha u seen this on linuks
    wich in this case is good for enviroment , so M$ is a GREEN comp
    look all grass on M$ lane 1 , proof ur own eyes

    E Next i propose Bill to be the Greatest our planet has produced

    lets face fact in nature only THE GOOD & FITTEST
    get shot by a hunter with a glass eye & and hearing aid

  314. A Hardy Heron Says:

    “Linux Users are Never Objective”…”As some of you might know, America is the greatest country that has ever existed, and will continue to dominate the rest of the world for the next 1000 years. ”

    And a windows user is Objective

    Wake up man Chindia will rule the world man
    and thanks for the troll site.

  315. NOWAI Says:

    This is a troll right? This site only has value if your time is worthless! That other guy was right, check the source of this page. How far does this trolling go? all the way to the top? who sent you? Microsoft Platform Division, Information Unit, Sec.43?

    What if you were hurt and scared and alone. What if you called 911 and no one answered? What if someone just raped you?

    Welcome to the world of Linux.


  316. NOWAI Says:

    HAHAHAHAAHAHHAAAAA, the above comment, you cant even write compliant code to handle that one line!

  317. admin Says:

    Linux will lose.

  318. Guru Says:

    In my experience Linux is only stable when it is not running.

  319. moo Says:

    Please tell me that linux lover = angry liberal = communist = ?

    You MS propagandist plants are hillarious!

    By the way, Google’s Chrome IS a IE killer. Eat that Microsoft! hhahahaha

  320. Sam321 Says:

    Linux is awesome. Windows is boring and sucks.
    Linux is much more appealing. Why the hell would someone want to pay $100 and up for a Vista operating system. when you can just download a free Linux CD (opensuse,ubuntu,BSD,Mint,ETC)
    There are plently linuxes made in america too. Thats a worthless excuse to use windows cause its “AMerican”
    I don’t care where Linux is made from. I like it to be from brazil lolol girls are hot there.
    Linux is the bomb with good themes and wallpapers. YAY Linux.
    This site is worthless. Just why I like Linux. You get choices.
    Microsoft wants to detsroy linux. Linux just wants to go peaceful.
    And your Linux OS IS FREE!

  321. Harley Says:

    Linux ftw.
    Windows ftl.
    If you use Mac OS X.
    You’re a hippie with no Shoe’s.

    Lol. I think a bunch of people actually got offended by this site. Like. Actually angry.

    They must not know that The Microsoft Way is the true way.

  322. Magnum Mike Says:

    this guy talks like he’s some kind of anti-religious dickhead.. if linux means submission… i like submission.. my religion (islam) means submission… further more, it was a good try for u to create this website.. but the way of writing gave the fact up that you are too desperate to pull people back to microsoft.. i’ve lost more data in windows than in microsoft..

    but frankly speaking dude.. if u’re a gamer.. windows is you god.. otherwise linux is ok.. i use word processor in windows… everything else.. linux.. it’s not about the money to me.. i use cracked windows copy… but it’s the safety of my data.. i can reinstall windows a hundred times a year.. but i cannot afford to lose my data..

  323. Magnum Mike Says:

    **lost more data in windows.. NEVER in linux.. hehe.. what was i thinking??

  324. gudmund Says:

    My experience is that Linux is far more stable than f*ckin Windows Vista… Iwe been into linux 4 many years and use Ubuntu on my laptop…
    Win 2000 is the best windows, but linux is better.

  325. Dr. M. Edhelman Says:

    I will tell you the truth about the person who wrote “The Microsoft Way” text. I personally know him. In fact, I am his psychiatrist. This young fellow is unfortunately clearly a potential dangerous criminal. He was child-molested at a young age, in fact, he was raped by one of his parents and by some other family member, as he subconstiously confessed in the text: “what if you were raped? he asked in anger remembering those painfull moments. This is a real poor guy. I feel pity for him. So you Linux users, try not to take his fantasies too personally. Since that event, this person has dedicated all his hatredness and rage to anything he capriciously chooses. He even menaced to kill his school teachers and more recently, just before he took on linux, he was dumped out of school for he was such a pain in the ass to his teachers and fellow classmates. Yes, he was catapulted to shit for his bad temper. He always used the most filthy language that any evil has ever created. I remember when he was a kid, he tried to kill all the pet animals in his neibourhood with rat poison. He was always a lonely poor child. Nobody liked him. His face has a scar made by one of the dogs he tried to kill with a knife. Only thing, the dog won. So, our poor linux foe candidate had no friends. No girl ever wanted to sit besides him, for his terrible smell (he rarely takes a shower). Secretly, this fellow became a Linux geek, in fact, he is an awsome hacker. Only trouble is, his poor intelligence made him go and hack the Pentagon website. Useless to say that, he was found and took secretly into the deepest dungeons of the pentagon, where he was tortured and (o yes, again), raped multiple times while he was forced to repeat” I hate Linux” ad nauseam.
    So, this is the sad story, my dear readmates. This poor fella deserve all your pity and comprehention. Just say yes to everything he claims. That will be soothing medication for his tortured, doomed soul. Because I have done this as professionally as possible, in respect with the highest standards of the psychiatric profession: among other things I found this guy to suffer is: telling hilarius things; Non-sense; Pure Lies; Stollen Ideas; Defamation; Threats to freedom; Plagiarism of ideas, surrealism, etc. etc.
    Very trully Yours
    Dr. M. Edhelman, psychiatrist.

  326. Anonymous Says:

    Sweet delicious propaganda! Are you on drugs??

  327. person-a Says:

    1. Windows(R) is made using Object-Oriented C++
    You could only know that if you worked at M$. Or got the source illegaly off of BitTorrent.
    And C++ is horrible!!!! ::, -> or . I’ll never know :)
    2. “Sixty three [63] Microsoft software patents are stolen just to get Linux to boot up. And thousands more are infringed on by runlevel 5 [multi-user, networking, X11].”
    Macs must be violating those patents too. M$ can’t *sue* linux, and it knows that. It’s not even trying. But it could sue Apple. (Yes, OS X runs BSD, not Linux, but still UNIX)
    There is no liability (see above)
    Has M$ patented the whole idea of a GUI?
    Or copyrighted ethernet?
    Multi-user?!!! UNIX had multiuser and timesharing in the 70’s!
    “Linux users owe Microsoft 10s of Billions of dollars in damages to compensate for this infringement”
    “using best practices, with a .NET subsystem.”
    Best practices? Ubuntu is working for me, when Windows won’t boot with a BSOD.
    Linux users can run many .NET programs with Mono or WINE.
    3. You acknowldege Linux as a trademark, thank you!
    4. Your “proof” link is broken. Yay 404!

    I’m not really angry, but Linux works for me. :-)

  328. deadamericansoldier Says:

    Its interesting to see someone wasting his money to host such a site …with no advertisements… you are a retard… make money from this … atleast thats what america would do…

    The name Windows itself is stolen from XEROX… bill gates even stole dos from a poor programmer …

    Americans are thevies who were thrown out from europe… they made their own country by wiping the natives(red indians)…

    And about american economy … there is only two products that america has… and that would be prostitutes and beer…

  329. Troy From WV Says:

    Linux loons are a bunch of Alex Jones-worshipping nutball twoofers. All the 9/11 twoof sites probably run on Linux.

    Linux is terrorism against the American economy. I firmly blame the economic crisis on Linux users and free software nutfucks. I think all Linux users and all free software kookloons should be declared terrorists and put in secret detention facilities.

    And Linux causes global warming. I think all Linux users should be forced to pay a carbon tax.

  330. admin Says:

    Windows – Jesus = Linux + IP Theft + Corruption

  331. @L Says:

    Oh man, thank you for opening my eyes!!

    These are the last lines I write with my flawlessly running Linux on less than a year old dual core 64bit PC.

    Now I’m going to remove it and install Windows Vista and I’ll write back in two or three weeks. The time needed to find, download illegaly and install all applications I use now plus a good antivirus. Yes, because having an antivirus is cool. And spending half of my 2 cpus in useless graphical enhancements, antivirus, anti-spyware and firewalls is the best I can do for squeezing all the investment I did when I bought my computer. Yes, that way I will keep my system 100% load most of the time. As long as winter is coming, that way I will save lot’s of money heating the house.

    Only one question. Do you know where can I buy good overclocking equipement? I would like to keep my PC 24×7 on and I’ve heard that without watercooling equipement Vista can break my CPU…

    What will be your next article? God does not exist, or something like that? Oooh, mammaaa!!!!

  332. Elemmire Says:

    It’ s a big joke isn’t it ?

  333. Ballmer Says:

    Windows – LockIn – EmbraceExtendExtinguish – IP Theft – Corruption = DOS

  334. Ballmer Says:

    Windows – LockIn – EmbraceExtendExtinguish – IP Theft – Corruption = DOS = Linux – Advanced OS Design – Freedom – Open Standards – Standards Compliance

  335. admin Says:

    Standards are like laws, they’re meant to be broken.

  336. yeezil Says:

    Proof == 404 not found

  337. Øyvind A. Holm Says:

    IMNSHO, this guy is full of shit, or completely ignorant. “Linux is a toy“??? Interesting that the majority of the world’s most powerful computers runs some variant of Linux or another kind of *NIX, just because it’s rock solid, customisable and builds upon 40 years of experience. Check out the The top 500 supercomputers site, which contains a list of the 500 most powerful computers in the world. One tiny percent runs some kind of Microsoft OS, more than 85% runs Linux. Also check out this link to see how the Linux usage has exploded since 2001. Say no more.

    Qualitywise, MS Windows is a great pile of crap compared to Linux and *BSD. It’s true you can have problems using certain types of gadgets because the drivers are MS Windows only, but in most cases there are some bright heads which manages to reverse engineer the driver and create a similar functionality on Linux in a short time. You can’t blame Linux because certain vendors only delivers drivers for MS Windows. That’s a monopoly issue. If they’d documented the protocol used when communicating with the gadget, there would be absolutely no problem.

  338. odie Says:

    jojojo gracioso
    desde que uso ubuntu no he tenido que instalar ningun driver ni siquiera de mi impresora…

  339. despaired Says:

    Hey people,

    this is nothing to make fun about! Yesterday I was sent to the hospital because my ears were bleeding. I was forced to listen to Hanzel and Gretyl for 12 hours continously by hidden powerful members of the Ubuntu Forum!

  340. Antitalent Says:

    This post is total bullshit

  341. Charlie Says:

    This is the dumbest Microsoft propaganda site I’ve ever seen. My Linux box rocks! Ms couldn’t implement a compiz type 4 desktop cube if they sold everyone a quad processor with 50 gigs of ram because their code is crap. Sure I haven’t seen it, but I’ve used it.

    Oh and while were talking lawsuits… I haven’t filed my taxes for 10 years…because the last 10 hardrives that I’ve installed some microCrap system on have all taken a shit at one time or another and completely destroyed my data…I’m sure any judge in the world will be able to identify with that.
    “We are an objective & independent 3rd party.” Should be changed to
    “We are completely full of Shit Assholes”

    Bill Gates and MS are the biggest thieves in the world.I want a refund for 15 versions of winblows that are a complete scam and have never worked as advertised or required, and further put your data in a inevitable compromised situation…you WILL loose your data eventually. I also want a refund for the 12,000 hours that I’ve tried to get WinBlows to work in hundreds of situations.

    One more thing, just for fun, want a refund for your winblows? Heres how and it says it all. Go to compusa and get a copy of winblows….. go home install it and back up your drive because it will crash one day, guaranteed. Then read the licence agreement. Somewhere on page 400 or 550 or 1200 it says, and I Quote “Not to be used on Mission Critical systems. If you intend to use this operating system on mission critical systems, Please return for complete and full refund to the retailer that you purchased this operating system from” Now normally they wont return open software, but point this out to the manager as you wanted to run this on an ambulance service and threaten to call MicroCrap and he will put his head up his ass as he is handing you back your money. Now you have a free version of MicroCrap to play with and fuck up your data………FUCK YOU AND MICROSOFT

  342. MicroSofty Says:

    Your website is the biggest load of Bullshit I have ever heard. I have used Microsoft for many years, and now run Linux on dual boot. I think for you to lecture whats shit or not is totally laughable, considering you think Microsoft is so enjoyable to use and you clearly sleep with your OS system LOL. I am aware that linux has its advantages and disadvantages, just as Microsoft has its problems. You clearly dont like Linux, which is fine, but don’t invent Bullshit and confuse your topic with other matters. At the end of the day, if Linux was that shit, nobody would use it and considering most internet servers use linux, your case is cleary SHITE.

  343. stolennomenclature Says:

    WHo cares what IP Microsoft thinks it “owns”. These intellectual property laws are an abuse of the patent system never intended when the system was drawn up, and is just another way for the wealthy parasites to steal from the masses.
    The GUI interface that Microsoft Windows uses was “stolen” from Apple, who in turn stole it from Xerox, who stole it from the engineers who worked for them.
    The whole concept of Intellectual property is absurd, idiotic, and a hundred other negative things. If Linux steals ideas from Microsoft, I say thats wonderful. If it helps bring them down, even more wonderful.
    Linux – steal away.

  344. Anonymous Says:

    say moar funny stuff troll

  345. admin Says:

    You keep chasing this tail but the tail gets bigger go figure…

    post #345

  346. Boom! Says:

    Haha, I love it! I absolutely love it. Reminds me of LinuxHater guy :)

    P.S. People, this IS a *JOKE* site. I can’t believe people are taking it seriously.

  347. Ray Noorda Says:

    Is this where republicans find their ideas? Or is this site created by repubes? LOL

  348. J Johny jones Says:

    HILARIOUS!!! I can’t believe people think this could possibly be true. I mean come on! Windows and secure in the same sentence?!?

  349. Felipe Alvarez Says:

    Great site! Love the “proof” page! LMAO. Great laugh!

  350. Real OS Says:

    Well with this compelling debate between Microsoft Windows and Linus uers, there’s only 1 response that will do….get a Mac and know that you have the best there is.

    Macs Rule….all the rest is for losers.

  351. fraj Says:


  352. thatguy Says:

    The Microsoft Way … is the true way ??? … seriously … are you starting a new religion with Gates as the savior of all man kind.

  353. paniq Says:

    hahaha :) some more “;)” would have been nice, but that’s nice. there is a lot of stuff here that i already heard from other people, mostly from people who have not even tried it for a longer time.

    i guess if windows remains popular, we need to declare that underground is the new popular ;)

  354. Ex-XP user Says:

    When Windows takes a dump and BSOD’s you, you are fucked and if you’re very smart you’ll have had all your important data on other drives else it will likely be lost. Been there, done that one too many times. Not being an iPod/movie downloading/gamer geek I do not ever need the POS called Vista, that is NOT an OS but an entertainment system control interface with draconian DRM BS tacked on….since I actually create those kinds of files I do NOT need the supposed OS attempting to check on who has the rights to those files.

    Linux may not net be up to speed in some aspects but it works, it’s stable, it’s free for most apps and the OS plus it took me less time to get up and running than XP did. Time is money, yep and the time savings alone from not having to install all my apps under XP, then register them all (again), then update them all (again) with reboots every install……yeah, Windoze is a fucking bargain…..NOT!

  355. Louay Says:

    you have no clue, do you?

  356. Louay Says:

    I am using MS OSs since 1989, and Linux since 2004.

    I can till you one thing: dump MS OSs and use Linux, even if it will cost you more.

  357. derryman Says:

    What a load of tripe!

    We all know that Vista is Rubbish!

  358. wasted life Says:

    I’ve been using Linux since 1994 but since reading this great web site I’m going to dump Linux and install Vista ™ immediately. I regret that I have wasted my life and not used Windows ™ earlier. By the way, is it true that computers get viruses too, just like people? I didn’t know this.

  359. admin Says:

    A sound analysis of the situation:

    The Linux fanboys are the most arrogant bunch out there. There needs to be a caustic voice that is technically informed to let these clown know how pathetic the Open Source world is.

    The hype and claims of quality, breadth and usability are just that, hype. Each time I’ve used an Open Source product including Linux I’ve been sorely dissapointed that the commercial products are that much better.

    Sadly, instead of listening, the Open Source fan boys deride the opinions of those using the products as uneducated, lacking technical skills, etc.

    Got news for the Linux Fan Boys, except for a few bright spots that are coming close to commercial quality, Linux and Open Source pretty much take a distant second or third to the commercial producers and that means Microsoft and Apple.

    Instead of ridiculing the customer, write it so the customer can use it. Now, that’s a real challange.

  360. xkcd378 Says:

    You fools!
    Neither C nor C++ is capable of making a good OS let alone a good program. Great programs are written with butterflies!!!(regardless if the joke was with text editors)

  361. gab Says:

    I am confused… is this a joke or not?

    If it is not a joke, I am scared. I can’t believe such stupidity can exist.

    If it is a joke. It wasn’t funny. I laughed at nothing.

  362. foneman Says:

    Did any of you worried or confused nubes click the links in the article? TheSmokingGun page was a rare find! Absolutely hilarious!

  363. Adolf Cheatler Says:

    Well its out OPEN-Microsoft

    lets face it after 17 yrs finally a desent solution to all linux probs

    off the superior windows(TM),R,(C) Hail-bill and 500 pushups(bra)

    Has given us its Free-automatic virus nokeysstrokengiven passwordsnoop ….

    Lucky i wokeup screaming to find its was a bad BaD bAd nightmare

    Fosset is dead due to hampering M$ software UP is UP

    not lower airspeed and open brakes , saying have a nice flight

  364. Sam Says:

    hey that’s absolutely funny……

    i checked this link

    and most funny thing is, its page source points to this site only.

    so its none other than MS trying to create an impression (!!!!)

    the freedom of power, grace, mercy, help offered by lakhs of selfless people through Linux/UNIX cannot be overshadowed by this simple propaganda.

    after all life is short, objective being be affectionate and help others as much as possible.

    at least beyond countries, religions, thoughts of differences, these UNIX/Linux communities serves people.

    thanks a lot for such a wonderful OS(es) [i mean UNIX/Linux] especially for being free even today.

  365. thrasherxxx Says:

    linux is the 9th marvel, this site is a shit

  366. Caboose Says:

    haha. Children self mutilate their own ears. thats funny as fuck.

  367. frank Says:

    minimo este maje es alguien d microsoft o asociados para kerer joder a linux jajajaja la verdad linux es el mejor sistema operativo apoyado por millones en el mundo y no apoyado por una empresa solo les duele que les haga perder dinero con sus creaciones que en vez de apoyarlas las destruyen pagar por un software y que te jodan todavia es de pendejos porque con linux no pagas y es full seguro no creen piensen mejor bola de majes

  368. joe Says:

    hehe its just the best website ive ever visited! very funny, i had a good time reading your comments, hehe people thinking this website is really trying to tell the truth, its as sarcastic as hell, even admin knows that, by the way, admin, your answers are great can you answer me please?

  369. TroyFromWV Says:

    You Linux loons are a bunch of motherfucking America haters. Fuck you, you America hating fucknut motherfuckers. Microsoft is American. Linux is European. Therefore, you Linux nutfucks are America haters. If you fucking Linux kooks hate America so much, then leave.

    By the way, I masturbate to Joe Beimel videos.

  370. Linus Torvalds Says:

    That if Fucken It!!! You stop picking on me precious Linux. Stop saying those aweful lies about stealing from Microsoft. Every one know I stole it from HP, or ATT or one of those other fucken giants.

    Your all a bunch of #@#$&#$@# $&$#%7 $%#@$^&*($ morons.

    Oh great, now you did it. I just shit myself.

    I have to go change and take a quick bath. I’ll be back later to really give it to you.

  371. P13808 Says:

    A sound analysis of the situation:

    The Linux fanboys are the most arrogant bunch out there. There needs to be a caustic voice that is technically informed to let these clown know how pathetic the Open Source world is.
    Can this voice be completely neutral? We need someone who has no prior computer experience to see which is better.

    The hype and claims of quality, breadth and usability are just that, hype. Each time I’ve used an Open Source product including Linux I’ve been sorely dissapointed that the commercial products are that much better.
    When? Give me any example and I’ll usually counter it(I’ll admit sometimes the commercial products are better based on what is published, but that is somewhat rare an the oipen source versions are constantly improving, while the commercial products won’t, because it won’t help their motives)

    Sadly, instead of listening, the Open Source fan boys deride the opinions of those using the products as uneducated, lacking technical skills, etc.
    Well most of the people complaining are Windows lemmings, asking for a free version of winblows. LINUX IS NOT WINDOWS. It is tiring to listen to people try to change Linux into a Windows clones. If you want windows, go buy it.

    Got news for the Linux Fan Boys, except for a few bright spots that are coming close to commercial quality, Linux and Open Source pretty much take a distant second or third to the commercial producers and that means Microsoft and Apple.
    I’m hoping your not actually saying that having an 00bern00b friendly GUI is considered better? If they really want something that is n00bfriendly, they’ll buy a Mac or Red Hat.

    Instead of ridiculing the customer, write it so the customer can use it. Now, that’s a real challange.
    CUSTOMER? Open source is not manufacturer and customer. The programmers can do whatever they want! They aren’t going for your money, they just want software they like.

    And my Ubuntu box rarely ever crashes and I’ve found to be much more powerful than M$ Office. The BASH promt is better than DOS.

    Windows is good for one thing-playing games. Linux can do anything except play the Windows-exclusive games. WINE is still working its way up. Course, there aren’t many games left that are worth getting for Windows. Most have been replaced by better games for Linux(example: Freeciv>civilization)

  372. christian Says:

    In my opinion the best operating system is Gnu With Linux Kernel Because this has a great software that functions better than windows software ….

  373. whizzinator Says:


  374. How many Says:

    Supercomputers are running Windows? And all these clusters are no more than 127 nodes?

  375. Mother-of-Sisters Says:

    and here I was thinking I would actually learn something of the downside of my beloved Ubuntu…My mouth gaped open a couple of times at the evil of microsucks for thinking up such propaganda, ’til I realised only a linux lover could play such a crazy game with my head. What fun!

  376. Anonymous Says:

    You guys have all been trolled.

  377. linuxfault Says:

    Why is the “Proof” page dead faggot?

  378. Jesus F. Christ Says:

    OK. First off, yeah, Linux was missing tons of device drivers for years.. But now with the advent of 64-bit computing technology, it seems like it’s easier to find drivers on Linux than it is for Windows.

    Case in point: I just upgraded my Windows installation from 32-bit to x64 on my laptop. This laptop has a 64-bit processor, so you would think, that HP would have used Windows 64-bit compatible hardware with existing 64-bit drivers. Wrong. The sound card.. well, I was able to eventually work around that, but even HP told me the drivers for Windows XP x64 did not exist. After looking around and finding a Vista x64 driver, I was able to change a couple things and now my sound card works ok. That’s among the other drivers I had to almost chop my nuts off to find.

    However, every driver I searched for, there were TONS of x64 drivers for Linux, for every component on my laptop. Device drivers being hard to find for Linux are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Hell, years ago, in the dialup days, I had an old ISA Lucent WinModem on my IBM Aptiva desktop. The ONLY place to find a working Windows driver for this modem was on the IBM website. I seriously doubt that driver’s still there, as this was ten years ago. However, two years after I bought that PC, I started toying with Linux. There were a couple available device drivers for the same modem, all online, and tons of information on several websites on how to install it.. Very detailed information too, made it easy.

    Basically what i’m saying is, research things before you start talking shit.. yeah, seems like this site is a joke (and if it somehow was NOT intended as one, it still comes off as one, because I’ve seen NO factual information.)

  379. MSFT Says:

    To “It is funny but…”
    (”But a lot of people seem unable to see that. I can see this site being linked in discussions as “proof” that Linux is inferior to Windows. Now, that might be good for a laugh, but at the same time it will also convince some people.

    Maybe we don’t need such people to run Linux? Well, maybe we don’t. But still, breaking the Microsoft Monopoly is a desirable end in itself, and potentially this site works against that.”)

    Judging from the comments here the only people that probably should stay away from Linux (and every technical thing out there except maybe calculators) are the current Linux users.
    Actually the comments on this site is so typical – the people that “defends” Linux hurts Linux more than the initial text ever did. Why would anyone in their right mind want to use the same OS as people like that. I wanted to try Linux but after seeing what kind of people that actually uses it I decided that it can’t be good for me.

  380. Truth Says:

    The comments is proof that the average Linux user is a teenager – with too much time and to low intelligence to “get it”. Also a bit short of cash I assume – good thing it is free then.

  381. Foo Says:

    Congratulations, you’ve all been trolled.

  382. scott reid Says:

    Linux suckz. I have tried it and my sound and wireless card don’t work with it when on vista it work seamlessly.

    Get a job linux geeks.

  383. myfraudsoft Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful site – truly an eye opener. It exposes “The Truth” TM about Eunuchs and it’s cult followers. And I agree with all the points you made in your proof page.

  384. Randy Says:

    This guy must have had his @ss beaten by a Penguin. Here buddy, we’ll help you up, and here’s a free Linux CD

  385. Jyaan Bresy Says:

    The “Patents” he’s talking about are total BS things like having drop-down list boxes, a text input box, etc. The sort of things that are totally OBVIOUS solutions to a problem that any programmer would come up with on their own. However, the multimedia codecs actually are a bit of a problem, but this is why they aren’t included and you have to add this into your system on your own. Regardless, Linux doesn’t use any Microsoft source code. It’s just a bunch of fluff to try and scare users away.

    Now, on to the thing that most people don’t seem to realize…

    Lately you hear this talk about how “Linux won’t be able to survive” and other BS like that. The reason that this kind of statement is totally irrelevant is the fact that we write GNU projects and Linux code ourselves. If every single company supporting OSS died, we would still be here. GNU/Linux is not a company, and it can’t “die”. Hackers will always be around because we love coding, regardless of the monetary benefits. Why would we stop?

  386. DudeG Says:

    I’m glad I came across this. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. A good laugh makes working X-mas eve a little better.

  387. DJ Says:

    Well this is funny, there trying to say windows is ahead in terms of O.S.’s, but I do believe I read somewheres that the base of Vista came from UBUNTU which was out before VISTA. Vista is buggy, bad, and it “virtually” has the same look as the rest of M.S., its alright to run just don’t get carried away with it. Heard they been having problems with installs and such, go figure. There dropping XP to force everyone into VISTA. I totally refuse, I’m not impressed with VISTA at all which is why im learning UBUNTU. Besides that, I believe LINUX is running GOOGLE website isn’t it?? Oh and its free and better. Lets go fool a bunch of people and make a new O.S. under UBUNTU, we shall call the code name THE TRUTH. Then we trick people and say see, its only UBUNTU, but we got you….How lame, M.S. spent millions and came up with that??!! No wonder there software is way over priced. Somebody has to pay for it, might as well be the user cause it wont be me anymore!!

  388. zugu Says:


  389. Cobiashi Says:

    This is obviously a propaganda site made by a microsoft employee. I say it must be an MS agent as no other person with any knowledge of operating systems or programming languages would ever spew this sort of bullshit, trying to pass it off as fact..

    And to the admin/author.. Please, if you stand by your convictions and this facts you’ve so boldly published, where are your citations?! I invite you to please share your sources of knowledge, as without citation or reference, you don’t have a leg to stand on.

  390. Michael Curran Says:

    This is the biggest load of garbage I’ve ever read. WINDOWS CAN EAT A BIG FAT DICK! LINUX ROCKS! FREEDOM!!!

  391. Michael Curran Says:

    Ubuntu is a storm and the sky is getting really dark.

  392. lielaisKk Says:

    ha,ha, dude, you have good humor! :)
    I see that you were raped in youth xD

  393. flip9 Says:

    anyone who write this is a retarded fool..
    i never use anything more stable and safe than linux..
    and you say IE is better than FF? lets see who got higher marks in Acid3 test.

  394. Mark P. Says:

    Wait, lolwat? This is a joke, right? Are you a troll?

  395. dutch Says:

    “admin Says:
    If it was not for America the rest of the world would be either dead or slaves working in mines.”

    That really doesn’t even need commenting does it. It does a fine job at describing your person and the value of your thoughts all by itself.

  396. Linux HowTo Admin Says:

    I was hoping this site is a joke. I will be using that licenses key btw, thanks for that, my win 2000 box needs registration for the reinstall. LOL.

    Linux works great. No one has tried to kill me. I think the Admin here needs to get a life, just so he doesn’t droop down to my level of socialism! ROFL! I just rendered a movie in under an hour. At school on Windows xp machines with the same specs ( -1gb of ram, that doesnt make a diff if i remove it on my pc ) it takes 8 hours. I had to go home and the teachers had to stay behind and wait so they could shut down the computers when done, needless to say, there were several BSODs and some projects never got finnished. I’m on an over clocked 2.8ghz machine now, has your Linux server gotten over that 1ghz mark, or is it too scared from seeing you with coffee? I guess that’s irrelevant..

  397. Anonymous Says:

    First off, you dont have any *proof* to justify your statements made regarding the IP theft.

    If you say,

    “Linux users owe Microsoft 10s of Billions of dollars in damages to compensate for this infringement, and 10s of Billions of dollars more in reasonable royalties. Everything you do and create using Linux, Microsoft owns the rights to.”

    then why doesn’t the M$ file a law suit against all linux users and claim the damages ??

    “Linux is written and developed in antiquated C. The code-base is a perverse heap of undocumented spaghetti code that is impossible to work with.”
    Who said C is antiquated? Most of the New programming languages speak in C backend. And how come you know (and let all know) that Wind0ws is written in C++? Aren’t you violating IP Right?

    “And this is exactly why the Linux user-base is responsible for 97% of ALL copyright infringements of Microsoft products. Because at the end of the day, *they all need something that actually works* and gets the job done.”

    Why are the Wind0ws programmers fond of linux ; Having worked for the whole day for Micr0s0fT, Why are they contributing to linux kernel? Oh.. to get linux boot up?? But, git logs doesn’t show up any patches to kernel from *@micr0s0ft.c0m.

    “Linux has Poor Hardware Support”
    As one of the Linuses asked why does *nix has a major contribution to Super-Computer Development than your *godly* OS ?

    “Linux Will Not Scale with a Growing UserBase”
    Linux doesn’t require Billions of installations, ‘coz one machine can serve a number of usrs with ‘n’ number of connections. I don’t exactly know how many remote connections can be made to a Wind0ws system through mst$c, but surely not greater than 5 or 6.

    If Linux is illegal, how come your Website is hosted on a CentOS machine running Apache Web-server located in US ?

    “With Linux you will know the price of everything, yet the value of nothing.”

    This statement cannot be true b’coz you need not *buy* any Linux distro as they are free to download. It is with Wind0ws, after having experienced the frequent(usually not less than 2-3 times a week) BSOD’s and frequent malware & virus attacks, you will know the price of everything you bought and the price of everything you lost to an attacker, your OS had compromised with.

    I wish I could run a command *like this* on my shell: $ sed s/Wind0ws/”GNU Linux”/g*html | sed s/Linux/Wind0ws/g >*html

    For non-*nix users(incl. the admin), The above command, if not in its original form, does a “find & replace”

    If in future, you lose hope..
    Linux will still remain Open Source.. You can always come join us!

    Lastly, I would like to congratulate Bhaki for all his works!
    -Best Regards

  398. IronOutsider Says:

    I think I understand now… this guy(clearly not funny in anyway) is addressing the nature of linux users. Click the contact link. It clearly says this site is fake and that it is satire. The problem is too many linux users are acting like jackasses and claiming we have the best and nothing but the best and windows is shit. Windows is not SHIT. Linux is not SHIT. Mac is not SHIT. they all have SOMETHING to offer. Windows is *reasonably* easy to use and is probably the best gaming platform. Linux is very stable and probably a more work related os, but is also fun and has the power of community and free thinking.

    Mac…. well… I don’t have anything too good to say about it except its pretty… and… its based on bsd… and… yah. But the point is that we need to lose this crappy attitude about whos better and cursing each other out because we have limited understanding of other OS’s. Bad experiences happen to every OS.

    Since the admin is apperently having a fun time and laughing his ass off at every chance he has to discredit linux and *promote* windows, please understand this website is a complete joke. But, it shows a problem in our attitude about linux. If ms users want to stay ms, thats fine, we don’t need to promote linux like a religion. Those who understand what they want out of their pc will move to the appropriate OS. Retarded people will be retarde people forever and always have *issues* with *viruses* on any OS!

    Sorry for the long post, just had to say that.

    Iron Outsider
    A happy ubuntu linux user
    A happy vista user(amazing I know…)
    ummm mac…. (im poor… cant afford it… BSD yeah!)

  399. Bruce Willis Says:

    Your truth may not be the real truth since you are as sick as an army o undead poneys coming back from the land of dead pink bunnies.

  400. Brendan Says:

    Hmm, well Windows should be paying Linux users, without Linux there would be no Windows. And if you take it to another level Apple should be worshiping Linux users. Without Linux, Windows would suffer and die from all the coding errors that are put in place on purpose by the coders. All the coders want to do is put in some type of “glitch” in the system so you will go out and buy programs that are to fix the “glitch” that never should of been there in the first place. Linux is the freedom to the iron grip that Windows has been holding us and shaking all of our money for the longest time.

  401. baker Says:


    Wow. I left this tab open for days just to read all the comments and even bookmarked your site to check back in the future. You had me going for the first few paragraphs, admittedly, until I got a little further and started laughing my ass off. It’s amazing how stupid and sheeplike, not to mention aggressive, people in general are (including many from both sides in this “argument”), and your method of illustrating this fact is brilliant. It’s also amazing how many people are too lazy to read a whole article instead of just the first paragraph or two, or too stupid to click on other links at the top of the page and figure things out before bitching at others. Are you by any chance a sociologist?

    I have to admit, one of the comments kind of scared me. The woman who claimed to be using this page as her reasoning to decide that however many school systems should stick with windows…if she really shared it with any IT people and they bought into it, I feel very sorry for the students of the affected area because of the utter lack of professionals of any sort to manage their computers. Hopefully the comment was a joke like so many of the others. Oh well, those who take such blatant crap as fact can be suckered out of their money, time, and self-respect. It’s okay with me. To those reading this site because you’re seriously considering switching, don’t let all the above posters scare you. We’re not all 13-year-old zealots with pea-sized brains. (…or are we?)

    Just so you know, sir Admin, you have shown me the light. I will delete my lightning-fast, rock-solid, 100% configurable Arch install today and run out to dump hundreds on the Real and True Way. Long live freedom! Long live Micro$$$oft! Dey tuk aar jeeeerbs!!!!! Godbless’merca!!!!!!!!!!

  402. microsucks Says:

    heres an idea.. everybody says how microsoft has the largest user base. they say that because the majority of linux users dont purchase a linus distro, they just download it. microsoft can track their os with serial numbers, purchases, and wga. with linux, there is no way to tell. plus most websites are hosted with an apache/linux server. most companies user a linux server. and the only reason that you can install and antivirus/firewall on linux is to protect any of the M$ machines connected to the network. microsoft is for people who want to waste money, get viruses, and restart their computer every time they do something. i run ubuntu intrepid and i have had no problems, and everything works 150%, 100% of the time. never going back to M$

  403. loopydaze Says:

    One question? Why all this hysterical abuse of Linux? The installed base of Linux is about 1%, OSX 8% and Windows 91%, according to some recent figures I saw online (can’t be bothered looking them up, but if anyone insists, I will).

    To me t looks like the MS mavens are running scared. They know if you need a reliable, stable, rock solid OS for servers, networks and the like, then you don’t use Windows ever. And Vista? just a bad joke, soon to be junked and replaced by yet another ‘visionary’ version, this time around, Windows 7…..

    I say, you’ve got nothing to lose by switching to Linux. I did, two years ago, to Ubuntu. No problems, great OS and excellent software availability thru the repositories and a fantastic community spirit on the forums. Who the hell needs Windows? My prediction is that the market share of Linux is going to increase significantly over the next few years. And, I think the penny has dropped at MS, hence the above panic-striken stream of abuse masquerading as a serious evaluation of Linux.

  404. JD Says:

    Well the first thing you can see is how many linux users came here to rply to your bs microsoft crap. I just like seeing how many linux users will always say what linux is about and how it runs and compairs to the shit windows. I also love how nmany windows users are in here backing this shit up to. the list of linux users is longer than the artical itself

  405. Anon Says:

    Lol so any one in that uses linux is in a cult? Thats like saying that Apple has its own religion, and Microsoft is the scientology of the OS cults.

  406. Anonymous Says:

    has no one mentioned yet what MS did to IBM over OS2?

  407. Mystery Says:

    this article is not worth reading. there is no doubt that everything stated in this article is a lie. this article show WIN a Guinness World Record for the “most lies stated in a single article” record.

  408. Jimmy John Walker Says:

    This site is scaring me. :-(

  409. the real truth Says:

    WTF whats with this site..beside running on a linux server, it is full of sh**t any one who want to read this plz read the comments and dont get scared ,,,,, many of these lies have been answered in the comments ,,,,,and i want to add something linux doesnt need a antiviruse unlike windows and the bugs in linux get fixed rapidly since every one could see the source code,,not like windows which only provide the updates,,,and now currently iam moving to ubuntu since windows got a viruse ,,,,and also vista crashes alot

  410. fakeadmin Says:




    Windows in this countries will come illegal in 6 march 2011.

  411. Wolfgang Says:

    been using linux abot 10 yrs now… i have tried many different distros.. and they are all a far superior to any windows junk out there.
    even the worst of them are superior to the inferior windows trash..
    liberate yourselves windows terds..switch to LINUX……
    all I got to say…
    fuck the NWO

  412. Wolfgang Says:

    been using linux about 10 yrs now… i have tried many different distros.. and they are all a far superior to any windows junk out there.
    even the worst of them are superior to the inferior windows trash..
    liberate yourselves windows terds..switch to LINUX……
    all I got to say…
    fuck the NWO

  413. Says:

    Haha, nice one.
    For all people out there that actually think this is Not a joke, look at the bottom: “Web Design by MoM [Master of Microsoft]“

  414. Module 6 of Kernel Says:

    You are Windows looser. You will be assimilated.

    We are Linux. Resistance is futile.

  415. Kathy Says:

    kathy@gutsy-gibbon:~$ sudo nmap -A -T4
    [sudo] password for ian:

    Starting Nmap 4.53 ( ) at 2009-03-02 13:18 PHT
    SCRIPT ENGINE: rpcinfo.nse is not a file.
    SCRIPT ENGINE: Aborting script scan.
    Interesting ports on (
    Not shown: 1685 filtered ports
    21/tcp closed ftp
    22/tcp closed ssh
    23/tcp closed telnet
    80/tcp open http Apache httpd
    109/tcp closed pop2
    110/tcp closed pop3
    115/tcp closed sftp
    119/tcp closed nntp
    143/tcp closed imap
    443/tcp open http Apache httpd
    465/tcp closed smtps
    563/tcp closed snews
    993/tcp open ssl/imap Dovecot imapd
    995/tcp open ssl/pop3 Dovecot pop3d
    4000/tcp closed remoteanything
    5050/tcp open tcpwrapped
    5190/tcp open tcpwrapped
    5631/tcp closed pcanywheredata
    6667/tcp open tcpwrapped
    6668/tcp closed irc
    6669/tcp closed irc
    6670/tcp closed irc
    6699/tcp closed napster
    6700/tcp closed carracho
    6701/tcp closed carracho
    6881/tcp closed bittorent-tracker
    6969/tcp closed acmsoda
    7000/tcp closed afs3-fileserver
    7070/tcp closed realserver
    Device type: general purpose|firewall|software router|storage-misc|VoIP phone|WAP
    Running (JUST GUESSING) : Linux 2.6.X (99%), MikroTik RouterOS 3.X (91%), Fortinet embedded (90%), Linksys Linux 2.4.X (90%), Netgear embedded (90%), Secure Computing Linux 2.4.X (90%), Adaptec embedded (90%), Siemens Linux (89%)
    Aggressive OS guesses: Linux 2.6.15 – 2.6.20 (99%), Smoothwall firewall (Linux (95%), Linux 2.6.11 – 2.6.19 (95%), Linux 2.6.16 – 2.6.20 (94%), Linux 2.6.18 (94%), Linux 2.6.18 (Debian 4.0, x86) (94%), Linux 2.6.18 – 2.6.22 (94%), Linux 2.6.13 – 2.6.21 (93%), Linux 2.6.21 (93%), Linux 2.6.21 (Arch Linux 0.8, x86) (93%)
    No exact OS matches for host (test conditions non-ideal).
    Uptime: 0.222 days (since Mon Mar 2 08:00:23 2009)

    TRACEROUTE (using port 80/tcp)
    1 0.10 (

    OS and Service detection performed. Please report any incorrect results at .
    Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 60.407 seconds

    This site is hosted on a machine running Apache HTTPD? On an open source HTTP server? Not on IIS? Oh my god, you can’t trust your own application?

  416. Theonefrombelow Says:

    Is this a freaking joke? LMAO!!!

  417. acmariner99 Says:

    Ok, I think the dude who wrote this is reacting solely on emotion and not taking in facts and using logic. Does linux have its problems, yes, took me a while to get my wireless to work, still have some software compatability issues, but it just works. And the online communities that this dude say are spewing nazi propaganda have helped me to become a better computer user. They dont tell me just how to solve the problem they tell me what is actually going on so I know what to look for if future problems pop up. (You have to pay to get that kind of service for windows and Id rather not do that. HP and windows forums and online help is a joke, linux users need to know what they are doing to use the OS because yes, it is not for the computer illiterate.) And as far as intellectual property is concerned, its a joke. Ive worked in industry and they use Linux OS’s and Linux servers in conjunction with windows.

    To be fair, I use both windows and linux on a regular basis. I like windows for its “universal” compatibility. Sadly on the flipside, “everybody is doing it.” I like windows for the complexity of programs that you can run, (provided you have the hardware to handle it), all of my games are on windows, and the good thing about not being able to see the kernel is you cant screw around with it.

    I hate windows because it uses too much hardware just to run the desktop, I have to pay for EVERYTHING, it crashed my system way too much, I like having control over the system, if there is a problem, it takes forever to fix, you need extra software to run every single external accessory from printers to web cams– bottom line, windows is too automatic, and too demanding for my hardware.

    I love linux for its install and run, touch and go way of loading the OS. You can run desktop graphics similar to windows for a fraction of the hardware needed. Support for me has been very helpful. I use it’s programming capability and its easy to use, and easy to diagnose bugs. Once wireless was running, works like a charm. And I like the precision control I have over my system.

    The main drawback of linux is the fact that it is overwhelming at first, and still is sometimes. I control what my computer does and one slip up can crash my entire system. You do need to know what you are doing. But I love to learn and if it means learning the hard way, I learned something!

  418. Holy Man Says:

    Hello everybody, I guess this admin guy is against Microsoft that’s why he is making everybody to scold Microsoft, He is playing around here to make fluctuation on other emotions and wasting our time. He is here to waste our energy by getting our continues feedback. so i request you all to be quite. let him do whatever he wants. we have work.

  419. Stolen IP stack.. Says:

    “Without stolen BSD IP, Windows is nothing more than a bloated file manager.”

  420. SPAMSTER Says:


  421. SPAMSTER Says:


  422. hahahe Says:

    The irony here:

    The Microsoft website RUNS on Linux servers, because the Windows servers aren’t stable enough. lol.

    Google uses Linux,too.

  423. hahahe Says:

    Also, half of the ‘facts’ here aren’t true whatsoever. Especially the youth ones. lol, never heard of those. Have I been programmed and brainwashed into forgetting? :P

  424. Richard Stallman Says:

    GNU/Linux users are faggots. Need we say more?

  425. Hector Says:

    In a 8 hour work day at a brand new Vista machine 1 hour of up dates 2 hours of intalling updates 2 hours of virus checks from Symantec, 2 hours of Windows Defender checks, another 1 hours of downloading patches. In fact the next version of Windows should be named Patches 7 not Widows 7.

  426. Hector Says:

    Oh and today I went to the Sony store here in NY to look at the Vista machines and to RCS Experience to look at the Vista machines, then I went to the Apple store. First the Vista shops were nearly empty. Out of 50 laptops on display nearly 70% of them were locked up, had a cavalcade of warning screens. On a 30 GB hard drive all Vista machines out of the box had already lost 13 GB. MSFT’s saying should be “IF YOU FIND A F–CKING PC RUNNING OUR DOGSH-T SOFTWARE and its working you keep it. Also all Vista machines send you messages to sign up and spend $49 a year to belong to MSFTs virus prevention of the month club. Go to apple and see all their machines are working and there is a line to get into the place. I’m wirting this on PC running Ubuntu 8.10.

  427. Andreabont Says:

    Ci sono due possibilità:

    1) Tu sei pazzo….
    2) Microsoft ti sta pagando…

    Se è la prima, ti consiglio di farti curare… se è la seconda fai bene, perché solo sotto pagamento si possono dire certe cose :-)

  428. admin Says:

    The above translation…

    There are two possibilities:

    1) You are crazy ….
    2) Microsoft is paying you …

    If this is your first, you get the cure … if you do the second well, because only in the payment you can say certain things :-)

  429. admin Says:

    Linux is not the OS of peace. It is the machine of hate.

  430. uradik Says:

    LMFAO!This site should have gnfnr playing in the backround to the tune of LIES! LIES! LIES!
    Windows is a way to dominate users who cant be bothered to learn anything..Windows is crap!

  431. random Says:

    people its a joke what dont people get?

  432. pablo Says:

    All this arguments are erroneous and have no evidence to prove. In first place, Linux, being free software and open source, not only is promoted as a free OS with free tools and software to use it, and thus giving freedom to the user, but it seeks to be an efficient, flexible and solid tool to all users, and since a long time ago has managed to be efficient. Just in some releases exists programs with some bugs (like Wine or a device driver), but it doesn’t delay to be fixed, also existing the correspondent code, while Microsoft keeps the code closed, avoiding users to fix or improve the OS or the program. Also, why don’t compare the MS EULA license agreement with the GPL, LGPL, BSD or MIT licenses? You will note the first is much more restrictive than the rest (GPL EULA? This doesn’t exist).

    In second place, you are associating Linux users with communists and fanatics, and this is a stupid argument because you’re stereotyping users. Communists and fanatics can use Linux or Windows, like capitalists can use the same. Linux isn’t people that hate Microsoft, generally is used by the same people that would use Windows, and keeps Linux as his default OS.

    Any OS can be programmed in any language. C, C++ and .NET have the same efficiency: a C code can be run better and fast than a C++ code. Just is a little complex than C++ and .NET, but is a standard and in some cases creates more compact code, something necessary in kernel OSs. About .NET, it uses too much resources, and is needed a very fast computer to use it.

    The non-existence of Linux hardware support (the last time, almost all computers supports Linux) and the Linux-compatible software isn’t a fault of Linux users and developers. Windows is more used (but anyway is worse cause to the previous reasons), and by this reason enterprises releases software and drivers for Windows, but Windows remains weak than Linux.

    So, before kissing Microsoft ass, support your arguments on something real and concrete instead stupid inventions to defeat Microsoft.

  433. danish Says:

    O dude who wrote this post, i have been using craced s/w on my cracked win Os’s from the beginning of time, yea i Had Vist* too It Suc** The only thing that got me back to being legal is GUESS WHAT DUMASS?
    linux did


    Now i’m happily on ubuntu with an upto date system, where i can write code in every God Damn Programming language that i can think of, with all support that i will ever need,

  434. troyfromwv Says:

    Fat Man Alex Jones had Linux loonwaffle Richard Stallman on his show about a week or two ago. Why does that nasty homeless hobo Stallman hang out with insane looney tunes like Alex Jones? Does he believe that 9/11 is an inside jobby job? I should make fun of Linux loonwaffles in my new documentary, “The Alex Jones Deception”.

    Here are a couple of scenes from The Alex Jones Deception:

  435. Otto Says:

    Oh, come on… this is too exaggerated.
    It doesn’t even look like you actually mean it. Oh, wait. By some replies, I belive it does a bit :p

  436. GRMBL_FX Says:

    1 thing is obvious, this is extremism in purest content. When politics meet the internet or software or OS’s it is time 2 go. The editor surely does not know 1 crucial thing: how-to enjoy life. Hate and disinformation is his subject. What did happen in his youth? Poor guy! Please make all normally thinking people (mac users, ms users and linux users as all others) a bit more happier and got your site off the net. Just a small step 4 YOU but a huge step 4 mankind.

  437. PinkHouse Says:

    Un verdadero PELOTUDO. (A most silly asshole)

  438. Riba1122 Says:


    Btw, check comment #256, also Epic :)

  439. Riba1122 Says:

    Admin: The translation of the comment #427 is

    There are two possibilities:

    1) You are crazy …
    2) Microsoft is paying you …

    If it’s the first possibility, I suggest you to get cured… if it’s the second possibility, it’s ok, becouse only if you get paid, you can say things like that :)

    I believe you understood what he said, but still, my translation looks better than Google’s :)

    (Wow, Google isn’t omnipotent :D )

  440. Anonymous Says:

    Funniest web page I’ve seen in months.

  441. Ray Says:

    It’s quite enjoyable to look at the site’s contents. And the comments too.

  442. Z Says:



  443. Me Says:

    If you like to waste your time reading unsusefull things, read this one:
    There might be more sense into its contents than into this page (and a part of the replies).

  444. l(inux+user) Says:

    @admin: may I translate/reproduce/cite this page?

  445. lame Says:

    long time linux user here. your humor is really lame. it’s so passe. so done before. come up with something original you dork

  446. troyfromwv Says:

    The Facebook DDoS attack was an inside jobby job!

    Just kidding. The Facebook DDoS attack was by an America-hate Linux user. This is why Microsoft Windows needs to be made the only legal OS in the entire world!

  447. admin Says:

    Read this:

    Microsoft is nature. Linux is ponzi scheme.

  448. Alex S. Says:

    Are you a /b/tard? seriously, man, get off the dope…



  449. Anonymous Says:

    This is hilarious.

    Though I think the humor is lost on amature computer users. I found a link to this page on a forum. The poster was genuinely concerned about using Linux because of this article. …In a way that makes it even funnier though.

  450. irrelevant Says:

    Good site. Funny but not…
    I use Linuks.
    I use Window$.
    I don’t like Window$.
    I like Linuks.
    Linuks applications crash sometimes.
    Window$ applications crash sometimes.
    Linuks uses concepts patented to Micro$oft.
    If you watch DVDs (e.g. SonyPicture$) in Linuks, you break the law.

    Micro$oft is not evil.
    Patents are.
    Some lawyers are the devil’s right hand.

    Have a nice day and thanks for the ….

  451. WindowsSucks Says:

    Few facts:
    - Linux is better than Windows
    - Windows is crap
    - admin is a noob


  452. irrelelevant Says:

    A fact is a pragmatic truth, a statement that can, at least in theory, be checked and confirmed. Facts are often contrasted with opinions and beliefs, statements which are held to be true, but are not amenable to pragmatic confirmation.

  453. irrelelevant Says:

    forgot the source:

  454. Steve Says:


  455. READ THIS Says:


  456. Visual Basic Guy Says:

    I love C++
    Im gonna make my own linux

  457. troyfromwv Says:

    #451, Linux is better than Windows? LMFAO! You’re just proven that Linux loons are the same as 9/11 twoofers. You are totally clueless to reality. Linux will never amount to a goddamn flying fuck, so stop pretending that it will. Your insignificant free software movement has accomplished nothing just like the 9/11 twoof movement. My bowel movements are more believable!

  458. Linux User #666 Says:

    My world just fell apart when I started to read. I was about to go cut myself when I saw that Windows XP(TM) was stable.

    (If you play HALO2 on the …XBOX..go to the ZANZIBAR map, and access the computer in the main building. If I’m not mistaken, you get a *Windows Blue Screen of DEATH* and the facilities defense falls down. Thought that was funny)

    Did you get proper permission to post the image that I believe belongs to Universal Soldier(which is a TRI-STAR picture)…and trolls are funny.

  459. Windows User #777 Says:

    LOL. A Linux User complainting about copyright… ALL YOU DO IS STEAL!

  460. 32 Says:

    if i ever meet you your getting fucked up the arse you wanker learn a little bit about computers before writhing up a completly nonsensical heap of bullshit that is pretty much the exact opposite to the truth faggot…lol this was probably written by bill gates himself…

  461. GP Says:


    MS is a thief
    admin is a noob

    LINUX IS GR8!!!

    WINDOZE sucks


  462. Yoknapatawpha Says:

    Seriously, lots of claims, here, not many facts (evidence, illustrations, examples) to support the littany of claims; you’d be a poor essay writer.

    BUT, hey, how do get on Dell’s mailing list for those 100,000 of linux machines they “can’t even give away to a poor country”? I will never need more than 126, so I’m ok.

    Please have Dell contact me through my Website.

    Oh, when did Hotmail stop using a *nix host? *evil grin*

    I switched from MSDOS when DRDOS came out; never looked back. Yeah, I’m an IP outlaw! It’s the wild west all over again, baby!


  463. teage Says:

    LINUX4EVER!! The first thing i did when i baught my computer is, Get rid of Microsoft!!! Install Linux! heck!, they didnt even include the cd when i bought this computer. Microsoft is a money monger corp. Evil corrupt empire!

  464. ubuntu man Says:

    Windoze IS A VIRUS!!!! bill gates prolly in bed with nancy pelosi.!!

  465. Lee Says:

    Internet Explorer was a licensed and patent trademark of a company in Ohio back in the early 90’s. Company offered dial-up to its customers, issuing them a Welcome packet titled “Internet Explorer”. Four years of

    fighting Micro$oft lead to the company going out of business.
    On court day, Micro$oft opened by announcing it will pay the company 4 million dollars..for exclusive rights to use Internet Explorer. At that time Internet Explorer had been in the field for a couple of years.

    So many companies have gone that way…thanks to Micro$soft. By the way, if IBM had gotten patent rights to the software they contracted Gates to develop what was to be OS2. IBM terminated the contracted..and Gates used the program to elevate his company.We would not have Windows today. Think OS2!!

    Seems strange to have one company dominate the computer desktop…and have so many car manufacturers, food vendors, banks, etc.

    All you credit card users, company that uses 4 letters, and you hate Linux, guess what….credit card account(s) are stored/approved/disapproved by Linux Database Servers. Gotcha!! Ha!!

    Look for windows to become “open source” in the next 5 years. By then only North America will be using windows OS, while the world uses a Linux-based OS.

  466. Beware of DRM Says:

    This site is supposed to be a joke. The creator is just acting as a troll to those who do not get the joke.

    If you didn’t realize, this site is presented in a very propaganda style promoting a multimillion dollar corporation. The fact is that the information is presented in a very passionate, passive agressive way. This should make it obvious that this isn’t real.

    “The GPL EULA is composed of cancer-like terms and conditions”

    “Everyone knows that without stolen Microsoft IP, Linux is nothing more than a bloated file manager.”

    “A toy with lead paint. And lead paint is a dangerous substance. It retards the healthy development of the body and mind. Lead causes nervous system damage, hearing loss, stunted growth, reduced IQ, and delayed development.”

    In fact, it is a real attempt to promote Linux. Because the web owner lists the comments and responses, it is very clear that the tech savvy and more intelligent people are using Linux.

    Basically, the site is written to look like an uneducated youngster created it, while those leaving comments are listing specific cases where Linux is unparalleled, including the fact that the website is running on a Linux server (probably an easter egg to show this is a joke), specific sightings on the website state that windows is not performance oriented, which released a slew of comments showing that the top computers of the world run Linux, including all well educated professions. Most of the stuff listed on the site just requires a simple google to find that the facts are quite opposite and Linux is becoming the better option.

    In fact, I was about to buy Windows 7 because I heard they fixed some of the issues of Vista, but after reading the posts and referring to the links posted, I am realizing that Windows is for those that are a little more technical than Mac Users, but not much. Plus it is following in Mac’s footsteps of taking all control away from the user for fear the user is a paste eater. That works well if you are a paste eater, which is why it is easy to point out a Mac user in any group. However, if I want to move on to being a real tech, I need to change to Linux. I knew that all my hacker buddies used Linux, so I have been intimidated by it being to technical and over my head. However, after reading about Ubuntu, I will have a go at it.

    With this article about Windows pushing DRM, ( ) I want to abandon Windows as quickly as possible. Almost all PC games now support Linux, and I can get compatible Adobe Acrobat Pro and MS Office open source programs for free. I currently use Firefox, GIMP, etc on Windows, so I am using more Linux apps than I am Windows apps at this point.

    Anyone notice that Flash Player 64 bit is still only available for Linux, but no Windows distro to date. Maybe they know something we don’t. I’ll be glad to be able to use Firefox 64 (Minefield) to watch flash movies, youtube, myspace, etc. I can’t even use IE 64 bit with these websites at this point, which makes my 64 bit OS annoyingly limited.

    Good site. It was a great satirical attack on Windows. I am sorry most didn’t catch that it was presented as if from a non-technical MS fanboy posting emotionally charged inaccurate, contradictory, or nonsensical information with no tech sheets or references to back any of it up, which was the whole point. It painted MS fans in an accurate way.

    Naturally, the website creator new that well informed Linux users would set down the real facts with plenty of references (including MS websites, funny enough), along with extensive tech and programmer backgrounds (such as the fact that Windows is mostly written in C too, and Linux is actually based on the same OS that Mac uses, UNIX).

    Thanks again. I will be making the switch to Ubuntu in the near future. I had no idea that the majority, if not all high performance machines were running on a Linux based OS. I’ve been wasting my supped up computer on the resource hog Windows Vista all this time. Someone shoot me. LOL.

  467. Beware of DRM Says:

    I am going to try Ubuntu after seeing the rave reviews for it, but I don’t think I would be able to use Redhat or some of the other older distros without a tutorial or something. About half the techs I know specifically use Redhat or Mandrake. Is there a reason for this? Are they better than Ubuntu, or just less GUI?
    I consider myself to be a good tech, but grappling with the less user friendly Linux distros seems like it will be a challenging prospect. I haven’t tried yet, but I use Knoppix to bypass Windows security sometimes (overright admin passwords, take ownership of files, etc) and Knoppix interface seems overwhelming to me. Anyone have any advise?

  468. teage Says:

    ok, dont get me wrong here. i do like windoze, but, i would like it better if i could surf without worrying about virus etc. so, i tried ubuntu, i like it better then windoze. i dont have to worry about virus etc anymore. thats the main reason for me moving to linux. not to mention its free. yes it has its problems, but, my problems with linux are far less then my problems i have had with windoze. i think linux is better. just my oppinion. im not a tech and i dont know everything but i know what works for me. linux is where i will stay.

  469. Linux Marine Says:

    Hey, Just want to say that I’m a US Marine, I vote conservative, and still believe in America, though we could stand to clean house a bit.
    I use Linux. Even for gaming. I haven’t found anything yet that Windows is better for. Will you people please stop equating Windows to Republican or Conservative, or for that matter, Linux to Liberal/Democrat/Communist. As for Linux being illegal in the US, then why is it used in some of our military computer systems.

    This site is either a joke gone bad, or seriously misguided. It was funny at first, but too many idiots are taking it seriously. Would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that sites like this one (joking or not) are driving people away from Linux that could really stand to benefit from it, the Military included.

    If the administrator could post some definite statement that this site is a joke, and validate the invalidity of the comments made in the ‘article,’ I think it would leave people a whole lot less confused. You can put it out of the way so it doesn’t break your little illusion or whatever, as long as it’s there.
    No, I’m not being a zealot. I’m annoyed. Got linked over from somewhere else.

  470. q Says:

  471. qqq Says:

    lol, the joke was ruined for me when i checked the very first footnote and found the proof page was 404

  472. ted smith Says:

    Windows can only deserve my middle finger.

  473. kzac Says:

    The whole truth: LINUX ROCKS

  474. UnnamedOPA Says:

    Well i do say Win for ever

    got me a Windoze 14 , prolly runs it selfs to make sure all is in

    yes U guessed it PERFECTLY , working order ,even with the

    new and improved screensaver its blue says some bout the system

    but then my soundcard got the hots for hornies and now stutters

    btw i didnt knew but i got leds in my system red & yellow looks like fire

    and then that virtual smoke cumming out , must be a directX-11.1


    well iam off maybe M$ has an commandline fireexstingush (feck Words(tm) seems bit dislectish

    BUT no LINUX BSD or (flem flem fghaaag) Unix alike for me

    they only have X and i want DirectX
    yes now not later

  475. LinuxWhore Says:

    Jokes always leave me conflicted. I thought christianity was a joke, but then it turns out that millions of people buy into it, and more so when it makes less sense. “God let a few terrorists hijack planes into the Trade Towers? Praise God, and ask him to help us win our football game!!” In many ways the parallels to Windows are alarming. Windows works well for you? See, GodGatesIsGood!. Windows crashes, leaves you vulnerable, costs you buckets of money? Well, you just don’t understand GodGates plan for you. See, the crashing has taught you to save more often, so now you are a better person! Got a virus? Must be something bad that you did that GodGates is punishing you for. Clearly you were not pure enough in your use of the gifts that GodGates gave you.

    I use Windows, a Mac, and Linux. They all are miles behind where we should be, three decades into personal computing, with only minor variations to distinguish them. Give me a relational file system with simple, intuitive controls that my mom can pick up and use that still lets me exercise expert power when needed, then we’ll talk. Praise Allahbuddahmary.

  476. H3LL Says:

    Microsoft is *unix code bill gates just wanted people to pay for it
    and unlucky for you windows users the people coding it have not got a clue what it does.
    And don’t let me make you all forget about the big security flaws in
    iexplorer that hit the headlines a few weeks ago the french and the german government said don’t use internet explorer and yes they did mention the newest version as well.You want your personal data stolen
    Microsoft is for you ,All i ever hear is my pc has got a virus, the internet is full of forums helping people remove virus from windows.
    People are making a fortune out of the faults in windows.
    It is a operating system for lazy people who cant be bothered to learn any thing because there to eager to get online and watch porn.
    I could go on all day bill gates brainwash every 1 to buy windows to make him rich but some of us did not fall for his ball shit marketing schemes,his favorite 1 i think is windows is secure feel safe ,try telling that to all these people that have had all there money stolen of there credit cards and from there banks because of the terrible flaws of Microsoft Windows.

  477. Lost Says:

    Um…. What were we talking about again?

  478. WoodenNickle Says:

    Double WOW ! Some of these replies are really scary. IF YOU READ IT IN A BLOG, IT HAS TO BE TRUE! C’mon, people. Put your brain in gear before you reply !!!

  479. Ben Says:

    I want the 10 minutes of my life that I spent reading this junk back.

    I am currently double booting OS X / Ubuntu, and have to say that so far my linux experience

    has been wonderful. However OS X is the more stable OS.


  480. admin Says:

    WOW! LOL!

    Great funny site! I enjoyed reading. It was the best recreation during my work!


  481. linus buttfold Says:

    linux, hah. home to conspiracy theorists and moralfags.

    windows has WIN in it because its fucking pwnz.

    The sole reason any given linux user exists is to put themselves on the cross and subject themselves to endless misery as a protest to Microsoft’s near monopoly.

    The implications of Microsoft “magnitude” aren’t a concern to an end user who is apathetic to moralizing monetary issues of these sorts. For that individual, Windows will always be the easiest and simplest route, given they’re not completely retarded.

    Windows is the “fuck your virtues and morality” OS. It works. Its fun. Its well supported. The virus thing is true but you got to be an idiot to get a virus. Being only slightly more tech-savvy than an OSX user, one can get by easily and happily enough.

    Linux is an extraneous and pointless piece of poo for an incredibly small and apparently butthurt minority of moral ass hats.

  482. admin Says:

    Well said!

  483. Anonymous Says:

    These are lies and you should be held responsible for promoting this garbage

  484. admin Says:

    “These are lies and you should be held responsible for promoting this garbage”

    I have your IP *-*-*-*

    Does the company you work for know that you are reading blogs and posting comments on their time?

  485. Anonymous Says:

    OMG!!! I did’t know you can do that. How did you get my IP.

  486. Anonymous Says:


    Also, google “satire”. I think I may understand this more immediatley than others as brits tend to have sense of humor. Also, top notch trolling on the page source

    This site is truly brilliant at exposing the linux fanbois for the rabid bunch they really are

  487. gerbilschool Says:

    Hello, I have been using Windows 98/XP/7 for all of my life, but my HP Compaq refused to boot from my WinXP CD, to reinstall it on the laptop, after a virus installed itself, destroying the system. (I got the infamous blue screen error).

    I was sceptical about Linux, and only went to it as a final resort. I went to the website, where I was informed that Ubuntu Linux was among the best of the distribution, backed by a commercial software company. After downloading the live CD (Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala) and burning it, I attempted boot. I chose to ‘Install Ubuntu’, and after the OS booted to the installer screen, I was presented with a ‘wizard’ type window. It took me through six steps, involving choosing languages/localization, keyboard layout, time zone, disk allocation, user setup and a summary, the installation began, displaying a presentation about Ubuntu. The installation took barely 15mins to complete, and after it restarted, I found myself at a snazzy login screen, and after logging on, was presented with a friendly interface, GNOME. Having never seen it before, it worked for me, quickly and easily.

    It also notified me about the propriety drivers for my Broadcom w/lan device, available from my CD, which I then installed. I could update my computer from the extremely fast UK virgin Media Server, a task which took barely an hour, considering that the CD was from about 5 months previous to my install. I found it extremely easy to install programs from the Ubuntu Software Centre, which did it for me automatically, and the OS came preloaded with OpenOffice, Firefox, Archive Mounter, Totem Movie Player, Sound Recorder and the GIMP Image Editor.

    I actually took an instant warming to it, and use it on a daily basis, resorting to Windows only occasionally.

    The instant customization of the desktop meant that my little sister, who is aged 4, can use the GCompris educational suite, with it starting at logon. I can also remove the password for her account
    (run ’sudo passwd -d ‘ in a terminal). I used it to rescue a friends old computer, he has Win7 on one, and Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 2 on another, and says that it is ‘actually better tan Windows’.

    All that Linux suffers from is a bad name; from sites like this. It is not impossible to run anything, Windows Viruses, if run on WINE, are in a sandboxed Windows environment, no more set-up wizards, just a big ‘install’ button in the software centre, which is an online repository of tested and up-to-date software maintained by Canonical.

    I am so pleased with it, I do indeed rarely used Microsoft Windows at home. Only where it is forced upon me, in the classroom, do I use it.

  488. Bugman Says:

    Rather amusing, I must say. “The Microsoft Way… is the True Way”. This is even more amusing. Lets cut the crap and have some real numbers.

    I just had to reformat my old HP nw8000 laptop. Great hardware. It never ceases to amaze me that this old brick is 6 years old and is still going strong. Anyway, I like to dual boot this particular machine in order to install a couple of my favorite apps, mostly for Microchip’s IDE MPLAB for programming their PIC microcontrollers and office. Yea yea, I know I can use openoffice and there are open source compilers for microchip’s microcontrollers, but I’m simply lazy, and it is embarrassing when you make a resume in open office that simply won’t transfer to windows computers (even though open office has no problem with microsoft’s formatting 99% of the time, this is definitley a microsoft issue). I just reinstalled XP and I installed the new Lubuntu 10.04 (which is great on old stuff like the nw8000).

    I had to reformat because after 2 years without a reinstall, windows became completely worthless. I could no longer open a word document or pull up pages in firefox. And no, there were no viruses or spyware (had an updated copy of Mcafee). Basically, my experience with windows is always the same: after a year, it just has to be redone, unless you want to pay big bucks for some registry cleaner, which may or may not solve the problem.

    You can get it to run for a little longer if you disable auto updates. My buddy’s computer is a perfect example. He has an old Gateway laptop. He only uses it to surf some webpages and look at his email. He doesn’t install any software on it or run any updates (not even service pack 1). It ran great for 5 years with no problems. All I could say was WOW. So, that’s the key to windows computers: don’t update, don’t install software, and, basically, don’t use it too much, or it will break. Eventually, he installed the updates when service pack 3 came out and it broke. Imagine that.

    Anyway, here are the results of my install:

    Time to install (20 Mbps DSL for updates and software install):
    Windows (to service pack 3, no other software): 3 hours 26 minutes (9 restarts for service packs and drivers)
    Lubuntu 10.04 (updated, loads of software): 36 minutes (no restarts :) )

    “Out of the Box” Hardware support:
    Windows: no wifi, ethernet, bluetooth, audio, graphics above 1024×768
    Lubuntu: everything but bluetooth and the front buttons worked right out of the box. This is contrary to what the admin claims that windows has great hardware support.

    Hardware Support:
    Windows: Eventually got everything to work (after many restarts, see above). Except my wifi, which windows installed a a/b driver, when it is a b/g card. Took me a few minutes to locate the broadcom driver. LAME

    Lubuntu: Used xev to figure out how to map the front volume keys. used xbindkeys to map them to volume controls. Installed bluez utils to get bluetooth support. Took 16 minutes (had to look up the commands for xbindkeys, download bluez utils, etc.)

    Install Experience:
    Windows: Microsoft may have changed the install process in 7 or vista, but XP still has the same install screen and process used since 95. You know what I’m talking about: No options, no control. Agree that you have no rights, format this, push enter, wait, wait, wait. SAD. That’s only the beginning. Now go dig for drivers and pray that your ethernet works so you don’t have to go to a buddy’s house to put a stupid driver on a flash drive.

    Lubuntu: I remember when I first started using linux back with Mandrake 9.1 (now Mandrivia) I was amazed at how the install process was graphical and that I could use a mouse. Easy. Lubuntu along with most other linuxes are the same way. Right from the cd popping in the tray you just feel welcome. Even my girlfriend can install Xubuntu all by herself. That’s saying something.

    Windows: IE, MSN messenger, windows media player, outlook express, notepad and… MINESWEEPER!!!! WOOT!! If you want other things, there is an answer: $$$. Be careful, too many programs will break your machine.
    Lubuntu: Thousands of packages. If you want it, its there. If its not, write it yourself.

    Windows: break break break. Hey, you might get lucky. You might also win the lottery while getting struck by lightning as you get attacked by a shark.
    Lubuntu: Haven’t updated yet, but from Xubuntu 8.04 to 9.10 I could just do updates and everything still worked without a hitch.

    Final Response:
    Windows: Pain in the ass to install. Really is. Then you have to find all of your proprietary cd’s with all of your software. And dont lose that driver disk!! Just like a person: Doesn’t do what you tell it to all the time, gets old, and eventually dies. And its very frustrating when your machine TELLS YOU its shutting down right when you are about to finish a 200 page report.
    Lubuntu: Nice and easy. Does what you tell it to. Lovin it.

    Performance (Idle, after restart, time after post):
    CPU: 4%
    RAM: 163MB
    Time to boot: 39 seconds
    Time to halt: 13 seconds
    CPU: 2%
    RAM: 69MB
    Time to boot: 25 seconds
    Time to halt: 9 seconds

    I could go on, but I think this is enough data for now. In the end Microsoft will do their thing and Linux will do its thing. I hope that it doesn’t grow in market share. I like having a geeky OS that I can do whatever I want on without worrying about viruses and still have that wow factor when I bust out compiz in front of the ill informed. 1%? Sounds just perfect to me. Besides, Linux was never meant to replace windows. It just gives people a choice. And choice is good.

  489. Amazed. Says:

    For the record (assuming the admin still “lives” here), *if this site is in fact a joke* (literally, it’s already met that mark figuratively), consider how many people who may be researching the benefits of Linux will be misled by the “articles” here. This site does a grave disservice to Linux whether intentionally or unintentionally.

    Almost every page echos all perpetuated FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) articles Microsoft has ever propagated. As such, it both makes me laugh, and cry. ;-_-

  490. Amazed. Says:

    Oh, and just for added lulz:

    Windows 7 was completely unable to detect my SATA hard drives. From 6 years ago. And I’m still pissed about “compatibility layer” OpenGL. Intentionally making OpenGL apps run slow on purpose without cause is… disgusting.

  491. Bugman Says:

    Here is an update on the machine I dual booted with Windows XP and Lubuntu 10.04.

    I have been using both pretty evenly. I generally like running VIM from linux just because it links so well with the bash shell. I’m not much for a mouse when I can sit perfectly happily in the command line (And no, I don’t belong to the Church of VI, although it is better than Emacs… but that’s another discussion :) ) I then run Microchip’s MPLAB to program some PIC24’s on XP for some home electronics projects. I decided not to install antivirus on XP, since I didn’t feel like shelling out $50, but I do have the free ClamAV running on Lubuntu so I could check my windows partition if I ran into problems.

    Well, I ran into problems. I ended up with a really nasty trojan that installed a “spyware cleaner” that insisted that every single program was infected and would not allow you to execute ANYTHING. Just great. It only took 5 days and I got a trojan. I guess it was my mistake downloading a program. But like I said before, Windows computers are just like people, and like people, they don’t listen to you, get sick, and eventually die of natural causes (registry corruption) or an illness (trojans, virii, etc.). I wish my old nw8000 was a little newer so I could run a nice virtual machine with freeze points, but one day I’ll upgrade my hardware. Anyway, ClamAV is scanning the drive from Lubuntu and found 30 bad files, that might be enough to fix it for now. Luckily, I have linux around to treat window’s illness :)

    For those who are looking for real info on linux on this deep trolling site, there are some of us users that are not blabbering idiots. Many of the posters here are likely recent windows migrants trying to declare their allegiance to their new OS of choice, not understanding the hobby, its practices, or the rules of conduct.

    The “admin” of this site is just stirring the pot. What he can’t deny are facts. Plain and simple. Derogatory language is not necessary and will normally turn off people seeking information. I plead with all experienced linuxers, tell your stories and give data. We can take this misguided blog and steer it in the opposite direction. Information is the ultimate revenge.

  492. cooolboy Says:

    nmap -P0 -sS -sV -vv -p 25
    Interesting ports on (
    25/tcp open smtp Sendmail 8.13.1/8.13.1
    Service Info: OS: Unix <—-

    you must be kidding.

  493. cooolboy Says:

    running on apache server lol

  494. We are Legion Says:


  495. Anonymous Says:


  496. Mark Says:

    hey Linutards: Linux is a piece of shit, and so is your face.

  497. Scotty Boizz Says:

    Why not just have both. I do and i honestly like running Linux better then windows. but i still use windows. Honestly this article is a joke and kinda pisses me off. To each his own…. seriously.

  498. bill gates Says:

    linux just sucks

  499. Anonymous Says:

    I’d just like to interject for a moment… What you’re referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.
    Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called “Linux”, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.
    There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine’s resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called “Linux” distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

  500. Majed Urin Says:

    LOOL rly funyyy :) )

    498 bill gates Says:
    June 14th, 2010 at 1:30 pm
    linux just sucks

    lol u faggot go F**k urself with crappy Windows :>

    Hail Linux :)

  501. Gar Says:

    Clay tablet using cuneiform-os reliably kept data for >5000 years although depending on operator error control; GNU/Linux (and like) roots to 68-69 perhaps Konrad Zuse (circa 42, considering binary computing);

  502. zombies Says:

    You are a sad, angry little person. Go outside. Smell some nature. Stop the propaganda. You should install GNU/Linux (any distro) and try it for a year. This shouldn’t be a challenge, since, you’re all “objective” and stuff. Try it for a year, and I can promise you, on this date in 2011, not only will you have realized arguing about a persons choice of computing environment is RETARDED, you will find “The Microsoft Way” to be an archaic exercise in information-hoarding. Software patents only serve to slow down progress. If linux is crap, as is your opinion, (opinions are subjective observations, by the way) then why is it that GNU/Linux is the fastest growing and most stable OS today? Why is it more manufacturers are choosing the linux kernel over proprietary solutions? Linux is not only free, but stable, and has a monumental software base already, which is quite impressive considering the kernels age. This allows manufacturers to decrease time-to-market, increase profits, and produce a more robust firmware environment in half the time it would take just to sort out patent agreements for any proprietary kernel. If you really want to know what linux and FOSS is about, read The Cathedral And The Bazaar. I think you’ll come to find that FOSS really does have the better development model. Also, speghetti code? Please. Read the GNU Coding Standards. I bet you a dollar against a dime that your code isn’t up to snuff.

    Have a nice day. Get a life.

  503. Patrick Niedzielski Says:

    I can’t believe how many people were trolled by this article.

    It’s rather sad.

  504. linuxunil Says:


    Thanks, I needed this. I damn near peed my pants reading this.

    I am sad to hear that there are still Linux users out there who don’t recognize satire when they see it. C’mon people, this is absolutely hysterical and clever parody of the BS that M$ has been spewing for years.

    All you have to do is fork out the cash, load Win7 of whichever version you can figure out will work for you (or rather, which will run your software–good luck with that) load it into VirtualBox or whatever VM you run in your house and you can see that just because they did a good job with Halo, doesn’t mean M$ will ever put out a decent desktop operating system until they rip off someone else’s IP and start over.

    My prediction: Minix plus VirtualPC = Windows 8. You will have your ‘choice’ of GUI environments, one looking like Windows 7, one like Windows XP, one like Windows 3.1 and they will resurrect Microsoft “Bob”. With Minix (which has a microkernal) M$ will be able to duct-tape/bailing wire/cable tie on whatever crap they want without worries.

  505. Jakes Says:

    dude why dont you give a try to latest peppermint os?
    It is easiest to dual boot and to notice the difference.

  506. robbin itall Says:

    Ubuntu 10.04 ;-) Funny read man, got to say Bills giving away loads of his cash, maybe he’s buying penance or paying IT, still it’s the thought that counts!

  507. booohooohoooilostmysheep Says:

    sad joke

  508. Winux Says:

    The fact is that no Microsoft users use or understand Linux. But all linux users use linux and Microsoft and for most of the time know microsoft better than Microsoft users know themselves. So Sad.

  509. ChristianSRA Says:

    Winux Says:
    January 14th, 2011 at 10:02 am
    The fact is that no Microsoft users use or understand Linux. But all linux users use linux and Microsoft and for most of the time know microsoft better than Microsoft users know themselves. So Sad.

    This sir is a contradiction.

    Personally I use both because windows is better for compatibility of games without emulators. Linux is my everyday program though due to the fact it is just so much easier to use and keeps me busy. However this website does point out some problems but no matter what the OS is there will be problems.The penis that wrote “go to a mac store and it’s full” its not because they work it’s because they are marketed well that is it I am currently writing this on an iPhone and personally find its closed source disgusting (hence my jailbreak)

  510. Milky Licker Says:

    Does Linux contain nigger free codez?

  511. Daniel Says:

    I would not support Windows even if it was the technically best or even the only aviable.

    The reason? Windows takes away my freedom and that of everyone who uses it. The freedom of telling my computer what to do. The freedom of studing a copy of a program that I own. The freedom to use that copy. The freedom to modify it. But mainly: the freedom to share and help others.

    “What if you were hurt and scared and alone. What if you called 911 and no one answered?”

    That is what happends when people don’t have the freedom to help each other. Imagine if you call and the other says: Sory, I would like to help you, but I can’t because i’m not free to do so. Or even worse, imagine if you were answering that call: would you like to say “I am in my way to help you, don’t fear!” or “I chose to reject my freedom in favor of other practical advantages, so I could not help you, you are alone.”
    Said that, in this page you lied multiple times, with clear malice and perverse objective (at least apparently). So I warn people not to trust you.
    If this is supposed to be a joke, and there are high probabilities that it is, since the ridiculous statements that you have made and other signs, I advice you to explicitely declare it, since this site is both a source for mindless hate against Microsoft from the Free Software, Open Source, and GNU/Linux communities and users, and I think that hate against Microsoft missing the real bad thing about it (that takes away people’s freedom) is a rather harmly thing to us (members of that communities, and users of or otherwise related with that software), what I think is not good for anyone, and dissemination of missinformation to people that don’t know the facts about Windows, don’t know Linux and GNU, or haven’t realized the privation of freedom from Microsoft for users of it’s system.


  512. Scott Says:

    The problem here is that Linux has not been able to reverse engineer and copy the internal NIC address map buffer beyond 7 bits.

    You might also want to take into account that, Linus, born with only 7 fingers [marked by the beast], refuses to acknowledge numbers greater than 2^7.


  513. Daza Says:

    This site made me lol.

  514. winux Says:

    Actually the mark of the beast is 6 and/or a combination of 6’s not 7.

  515. winux Says:

    Can the Microsoft fans please explain why 99% of the super computers in the world. Including the top 20 Fastest of them run Linux. Because windows cannot process at those speeds.

  516. Jodie Says:

    Gosh, some people are so stupid. This is my sense of humour, well done, I love it.

  517. Tom Cat Says:

    Hay I thought Microsoft nicked the idea from Apple, who nicked it from Xerox Palo Alto Research Lab. Bullshit is funnier then the truth. Good Bye Microsoft your time is up. Besides Microsoft broke many businesses to steal IP.

  518. winux Says:

    “The truth is out there.”
    But it certainly aint here.

  519. anonymous Says:

    alert(”Hehe how do you like this?!”);

  520. anonymous Says:

    About the previous comment, I embedded the script tag within two more script tags which were filtered out. But your stupid website doesn’t filter it recursivley and so it formed a new script tag. You must feel like such a loser.

  521. The Scrutinizer Says:

    I would really love it if you actually provided proof of the lawsuit(s). The link you provide in the superscript is broken. Since you cannot provide any concrete evidence to support your claims, I must categorize this article as a “crock of !@#$”. Furthermore, as many have already pointed out, Microsoft has done its fair share of theft. And since when is it illegal to modify an idea? That’s been happening since people started making sandwiches! As long as I use my own bread and PB&J, there is no theft. As long as people are writing their own code, it is not theft!

  522. The Scrutinizer Says:

    PS. You are violating copyrights by including an image from “Universal Soldier” on this site! Funny how you are guilty of all those things you admonish Linux users about.

  523. The Scrutinizer Says:

    PPS. Just thought you would like to know you can put the “proof” that you claim to have back up. You know, the “proof” you say some hacker deleted?

  524. Anonymous Says:

    Okay, this is the bottom like: Whoever’s idea it was to come up with this website is a sick freak, and they’re judgement clearly shouldn’t be

  525. winux Says:

    I wonder if the guy who started this nonsence, ever came back to read it. Because it doesn’t seem like he is up to defending his statement.

    Guess he realized he was wrong and just RAN AWAY.

  526. linux Says:


  527. Du Yu Think ID Tellu? Says:

    This is a joke…isn’t it? Windozzzz wastes your money and time.

  528. Lord Draco Says:

    Linux. Nuff said.


  529. Cómo arranca un sistema Linux | Says:

    [...] un sistema Linux por capítulos. Este primero muy bien escrito. En los comentarios me encuentro con The Truth about Linux, graciosa parodia de lo indefendible. Contexto: GNU/Linux, boot, [...]

  530. Linux Lover Says:

    If someday Microsoft starts giving windows free and I’ve to buy linux, I would still go for linux. I think I made clear how lame the window is.

  531. J Says:

    Linux rock! Windows can lick my dick…

  532. Poop Says:

    poop”><script> alert(”I win”); </script>

  533. Ramse Kfoury Says:

    Microsoft is bloated crap, I’m a linux user, from my experiences with using windows as compared to Ubuntu or Opensuse, I’ve favored the linux distributions a great deal more. Anytime a windows machine connects to the internet, it’s a virus waiting to strike. Windows aim is greed, otherwise, they would improve upon the system’s ability to fight viruses on its own rather to rely on other bloated software like Norton. The need for such rubbish is a testament to Microsoft’s unreliability. And when it comes to claims that Linux’s OpenOffice infringes upon MS Office, well, OpenOffice comes with each linux distro, once the distro is yours, why should you have to PAY for features that come attached? This is nonsense at best. Linux users owe Microsoft absolutely nothing short of a boot to the @ss.

  534. Ramse Kfoury Says:

    Maybe Bill Gates should join Steve Jobs in the great beyond