The Analysis
Linux Mascot Penguin

…Clearly Demonstrates
True Nature.

[and origin]

11 Responses to “Linux Tux Penguin”

  1. Linahedin Says:

    Linux Akbar!

  2. Linuhedin Says:

    Linux Akbar!

  3. Sawyer Says:

    See this is WHY i use American made stuff right here. Open Source or Communism? think about it.. would you rather have that thing above in your computer while surfing the internet looking at pay sites. Or the backing of a well organized COMPANY like Microsoft’s well organized company Called Microsoft?

    Tux is Brainwashing people with his MovIES! can’t you people see that!

    Get back to the roots of computing and load Vista, or at least Windows95, It’s safer and Faster than Mac’s Apple computers.

  4. Me Says:

    And the MS Windows logo is based on a swastica. Can’t you see?

  5. el-djihad-ux Says:

    lets compile until death 4 this os ;)

  6. whocares Says:

    You are a moronic piece of shit.

  7. Silverwizard Says:

    Wow am I happier. Can I build a Linux distro with this as the mascot? PLEASE!?

  8. admin Says:

    TerrorLinux? Arabic only language pack?

  9. Lowe Says:

    Interestingly enough, this is not Tux.

  10. Silverwizard Says:

    If I spoke Arabic I’d do it. If I did I’d do it. As I don’t – can I include English?

  11. Matthew Says:

    So when did the Department of Homeland Defense become funded by Microsoft? Are they still looking for MWD’s? As an avid Linux user I have to say its true, its all true. The original Linux kernel was written by underground Islamic Jihadists in their bet to overthrow us nice apple pie eating American rosy cheeked baseball playing kids. Shucks paw, now that just ain’t right! Did you know that Linus’s middle name is Hussebinladenbama? True story! So now that I’m firmly in your grasp, ask bill where I can send this blank check. Mkay?thxbye.